Obesity: When should I be bothered about my weight

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imageThe world is presently experiencing a global pandemic with the increase rise in Obese people worldwide especially in the developed world. However developing countries like Nigeria are experiencing a rapid rise in the incidence of obesity and this is down to the adoption of westernised lifestyle. The aim of this write-up is to identify when an individual should be worried about his/her weight.

The single most useful tool to assess obesity is the BMI (body mass index) which can be calculated using our weight and height. For most adults our height remains relatively constant making the weight a most useful tool to control the BMI.

What is this BMI? It simply means body mass index which can be calculated by the formula
weight ÷ (height square)
For example, a lady with a weight of 40kg and height of 1.6m will have a BMI of 40 ÷ (1.6 × 1.6) = 15.625
Normal BMI is between 18 and 25. We start getting concerned when our BMI is greater than 25. With BMI that ranges between 25 and 30, the individual is said to be overweight while with BMI greater than 30 the individual is obese.
It is essential we calculate this BMI often as it helps prevent all the problems associated with being obese which include hypertension, diabetes, stroke, stigma, depression amongst others.
Since the adult height is relatively constant u can also get a range of weight you can work towards by calculating at what weight your BMI falls between 18 and 25. This can be done by simply multiplying 18 with the height square for the minimum weight and 25 with your height square to get your maximum expected weight. With this you can monitor your weight and get easily aware when you are to actively reduce your weight

I hope this benefit a lot of people.


You need training/exercise, adequate notice intake/diet & rest & intermittent fasting if you want to lose weight in a slow but steady manner in the long period as well.

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This is really nice and helpful

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Skaybliss you really need to be bother about your weight because when you don't engage yourself in a regular exercise you end up gaining more, and also you need to watch what you eat always!!!!

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Very good. I like articles like this giving credence to healthy lifestyles. The formulars are intact. So ride on.

Like @amar13 said, everyone needs to keep physically fit to keep the BMI in check.


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