Hypertension, the silent killer: How doing a routine blood pressure check can save your life

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Looking around at the rate people just suddenly drop dead without any warning or being previously ill, then this write-up remains a very important piece to at least glance through because it may save a life.

The most common cause of sudden death is a heart disease, and these ranges from hypertension to sudden infarction of the heart muscle cells to electrical abnormalities (yes, I mean d same electric we are used to, I'll talk about this in subsequent post).

Hypertension is not just a disease of the heart but it has various effects on numerous other part of the body and serves as "risk factors" for numerous other disease in the body. The most saddening part of this disease is that u may never know you are hypertensive until you drop dead either from the hypertension itself or from other complications like stroke (I mean the same stroke we hear about)

So why wait until u drop dead (ironic right?) before you check yourself out. The easiest way to know if u are hypertensive or not is to check your blood pressure using either manual or automated sphygmomanometer( don't mind d big grammar, u know that thing that they use to tie in one's hand to check bp, dats wat I'm talking about). If your blood pressure is greater than 120/80mmhg then you need to start being watchful (u are not hypertensive yet but may be pre-hypertensive). When it exceeds 140/100 in 2 different occasions at least measured two hrs apart then you really need to see a doctor because that disease have started causing harm in your body and you need to arrest/manage it.

You may be lucky to have symptoms like headaches, blurring of vision, awareness of heart beat and the likes. If u are one of these people then you are part of the lucky 15-20 percent of the population that present with symptoms.

Take note, hypertension kills children, youth, adults and even the elderly. Just checking that blood pressure might be your only saving grace.


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very scary..
If not treated seriously can be fatal and can occur stroke

If diagnosed early enough and managed properly, this complications can be averted... Making it leads scary

Thank you very much for this information, it great that wonderful medical minds like you are on the steemit community, i hope you have joined up the #air-clinic, if not do contact @nairadaddy, he will sure fill you in on the necessary.
Keep steeming

Thanks, I have joined #air-clinic already. Thanks again

I learnt a lot from this post.thanks for the information