Efficacy Fruit Ciplukan For Medicinal Herbs

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Hello Steemi'an ... How are you today, I'm sure you're all healthy.

Well, here's my post today. On this occasion I would like to share photos of herbs.

Unfortunately there are still many people who do not understand the medicinal properties of plants ciplukan this, or simply are not interested because it was not sure could possibly have. Because this plant is easy to grow, and sometimes only considered a weed for farmers' crops. If you are interested, try to use plants ciplukan for various treatments.


But many people who have been underestimated without knowing the efficacy of traditional medicine, and only taste sweet fruit without knowing efficacious properties of stems, leaves and roots.

Useful substances in plants ciplukan consists of:
vitamin C, sugar, fisalin, tannins, kriptoxantin, polyphenols and steroids lies in Asam palmitic, stearic lies in seed saponin. flavonoid and lies on leaves and roots tunasalkaloid lies in chlorogenic acid is located on the stems and leaves.

In addition to the beneficial agent over there are still other substances such as malic acid, citric acid, and H2o that all these substances can help the health of your body.




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