How can i get rid of Migraine?

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When I get a headache or migraine I usually follow a few steps;

1. Eat and drink. I'm talking real food and just plain old water. Eat an actual meal, not junk food, and drink 16-24oz of water.

2. Get off electronics. Easier said than done, but staring at the screen can easily cause a migraine too. Maybe put on something you want to listen to over actually watching and lay down to close your eyes and listen.

3. In that same vein, get some sleep if you can.

4. Take a very hot shower or put something hot on the back of your neck. The heat will help you relax. If scents don't make things worse try something with lavender because that's often a relaxing scent.

5. Try to take any pain medications as a very last resort when the rest doesn't work.

Those were listed in no particular order, but honestly when my head hurts the first thing I do is eat a can of soup or something similar that's quick and easy and grab my water bottle. It's 24 oz and I keep it in the freezer so it's half full of ice to keep my water nice and cool when I drink, and since I drink slowly it's usually melted by the time I finish it. If that hasn't worked I'll go for a shower and a rice bag on my neck when I get out, laying down in my bed where it's dark and quiet and putting on my favorite ambient background of a ship at sea and falling asleep.

In the rare event those steps have not fixed my headache or I have too much to do I will take meds, but I try not to resort to those too much.