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C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a measurement of the proportion of blood protein produced by the liver in cases of acute inflammation in the human body. When this protein is detected and observed in large quantities it shows that The person has acute inflammation, which helps the doctor in the knowledge and diagnosis of some diseases, and these diseases include:
1- Cancer diseases.
2 - fever rheumatism.
3 - Tuberculosis (Tuberculosis).
4- Pneumonia.

However, there are some cases where there is a type of inflammation and the proportion of protein and the result of the analysis of (CRP) naturally, and therefore should not rely on this analysis only and the reason is not known until now.
The reactive protein is excreted through the liver as a result of the increase in the cellular motor of the substances in the blood, and this protein is one of the components of innate immunity, which is the task of eliminating any foreign object enters the body.
The purpose of the CRP test is to determine if there is an acute inflammation of the body. This test is important in the follow-up and evaluation of vascular disease and heart disease such as cases of coronary insufficiency or bacterial infection in the lining of the heart, but this test does not determine the location of inflammation , But instructs the doctor on the importance of doing other tests to detect the location of the disease or inflammation
The normal level of the active protein in the body is (0.2) mg (dL), but more than that indicates the presence of inflammation in the body, taking into account the existence of disparities in the validity of the results from one laboratory to another.

((Protein test types))
There are two types of protein testing that measure two different levels:

  1. High sensitivity CRP is a high sensitivity test and helps to measure the proportion of light color protein in the blood between 5 and 10 mg per liter. It is used in natural persons to determine the extent of coronary insufficiency or some Heart disease.

  2. Regular CRP, a protein test found in high blood between 10 - 1000 mg per liter. This test is used to determine the presence of inflammation or infection in the body.

• (+) Agglutination (Ab-Ag Reaction).
• (-): Non Agglutination (Ab-Ag Non Reaction) does not occur.

** ((A copy of the details of CRP in case of stacking and in the absence of stacking)).
(In the case of agglutination, dilution is done to give a numerical result)

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