Training with 'World Mediation Organization' for PEACE and UNITY ($75.00)

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I wanted to share this email that I received today from the World Mediation Organization. The administration fee is about $75.00 CAN and there is no charge for this training.

Together, we can change the world and let's learn skills on how to work together and overcome our differences for a peaceful resolution. This can also be used to go towards completing a Master's or PhD Degree.

"Dear Colleague and Friend,

Yes, it is true! WMO is now able to finally offer its online training for free (remaining an administration fee of 50,- Euro).

The reason, therefore, is that WMO does not only want to talk about a change but truly intends to be the change. We believe that every person should be able to further develop mindful mediation and conflict management skills and to have a positive and transforming impact on society. Please note, that this course is a truly interactive one and that each student benefits from a personal tutor who supervises the progress and gives individual feedback on assignments.

At this point, it is my wish and obligation to express my deepest gratitude to the altruistic persons who support WMO on all levels.

Sign up today and share with your friends:

Best regards,

Prof. Daniel Erdmann, PhD."

Director and Founder - World Mediation Organization


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