Vertigo, Please Go!

in health •  17 days ago

What a difference one day can make. Tuesday I baked six loaves of bread, three dozen pumpkin cookies, made taco chili and cornbread for supper, finished a jigsaw puzzle, and watched a very silly movie. Wednesday morning I woke up at 5:23 a.m., leaned up on my elbow to look at the clock, flopped back on my pillow, and suddenly the world was spinning. Every move was horrible, and I felt very nauseated from the spinning. I crawled to the bathroom and crept back to bed. My husband wasn't even home; he had gone to a neighboring town for an overnight sleep study. I was terribly thirsty, but there was nothing I could do about it but wait for him to get home, which he did in about 2 1/2 hours.

My husband has not always been helpful in the past when I have been unwell, but he really pulled himself together and helped me a great deal this time. He brought me water, and toast, and helped me to and from the bathroom as needed. When the nausea got the better of me and I threw up, he carried the pan away. (At least I'd had the presence of mind to bring the pan and a towel back with me from that first trip to the bathroom!) He made peppermint tea, and jello, and brought me yogurt when I finally felt like I could eat, later in the day. There was gradual improvement, and by evening I finally made it all the way out to the kitchen and got myself some jello to eat.

A friend sent me a link to a video showing a way to treat vertigo at home. With my husband's help, I did try this maneuver a few times. It was difficult to decide which ear might be at fault (if, indeed, it was an ear problem) so I took turns doing it both ways. I have no idea whether it helped, but I did eventually feel better as the day wore on.

I didn't sleep too soundly last night, but, after all, I had been lying in bed dozing all day. Still, I felt much better this morning, and the spinning sensation was nearly gone. I spent a great deal of time watching a series on Prime, and took a nap, and decided I felt well enough to go to the grocery store late in the afternoon.

I am very grateful to be feeling this much better, and am hoping for continued improvement. I hope to get a massage and a chiropractic adjustment tomorrow; those should be helpful as well. The moral of this story is we should never take a day of good health for granted, because tomorrow it might be a whole different story!

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Awwww so sorry to hear how awful you felt! Its crazy, you went from one day super productive, to not being able to do much of anything. :(
Glad your husband was able to get home and care for you.


Thank you for your kind words. I am feeling MUCH better today!

Oh my! I have never had vertigo like that. My best girlfriend does and she gets migraines and hers were something to do with her migraines. If you never get headaches yours may have nothing to do with that but I thought I would throw that out there anyway. Because I do get migraines I get nauseous and I get dizzy and I get weak and have to spend time in bed if I'm home. I hope you feel better and that you don't get another episode of this particular malady.

What series were you watching on Prime?
I'm very impressed with all of your cooking by the way. I don't find the time to do that after commuting 2 hours a day and working for 8 on the phones. I'm lucky if I get a halfway decent meal in my stomach. !tip

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I am as retired as a full-time homemaker ever gets to be, so I have plenty of time to cook. But I'm not always in the mood to do so. This was only the second time I've ever had vertigo like that. The other time was about 15 years ago. I think it has to do with the ears, as explained in the link. I was re-watching Season 6 of Downton Abbey. What is !tip?

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