Skin Conditions and their Treatments

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The human body has been given a most beautiful covering — the skin. Nothing is more lovely and attractive than a glowing, healthy skin. All too often, though, one's appearance is marred by ugly scars and chronic eruptions, many of which need never have occurred had the skin received proper care.

As promised, below are various skin conditions and their treatments


Itching is a rather unpleasant sensation which we instinctively attempt to relieve by scratching. A certain amount of mild itching is normal for everyone. Only when it is persistent and troublesome does it become serious. Many conditions contribute to itching. These include insect bites, hives, contact dermatitis, food allergies and heat rash. Other causes may be diabetes, jaundice, pregnancy, the change of life, drug allergies and various types of nervous conditions. Persistent scratching may produce swellings in the skin with deep scratch marks and small ulcers into which germs have found their way, causing much more trouble.

Itching due to drug reactions are common following the use of certain medicines, such as aspirin, phenobarbital, penicillin and many others. Medicines applied to the skin may also cause a certain amount of itching.


• If possible, stop all medications, at least for the mean time.
• If the itching spread over large areas of the body, try an oatmeal bath. Mix one cup of oatmeal with two cups of cold water and pour this into a tub of water. Lie in this for twenty minutes twice daily. When drying yourself, be careful not to increase the irritation. Gently pat the skin and then apply some soothing medication, such as calamine lotion or Caladryl.
• If the itching is very severe, apply hydrocortisone ointment once or twice daily. This will control severe itching around the rectal and genital areas, and also around the face and eyes.
• Itching arising from an allergic condition, such as a drug reaction, can often be relieved by some antihistamine preparation such as Bendryl, taken by mouth, the dose being one or two tablets or capsules three or four times a day as needed.


Prickly heat or heat rash is an irritating eruption of the skin due to obstruction of the sweat glands over certain areas of the body. In this condition many tiny pin-head-size swellings occur in the skin, accompanied by sever itching. The areas most involved are the chest, back, waistline, armpits, and groins. Infants and overweight persons often suffer from heat rash.


Try to avoid scratching, for this may introduce germs into the deeper layers of the skin.
• Wear cool, light clothing and abstain from alcoholic drinks.
• Oatmeal baths twice a day, as suggested above, may also relieve the itch.
• Calamine lotion is often useful. It should be applied several times a day.
• Be sure to drink plenty of water during hot weather.
• Keep the skin clean and avoid the use of harsh soaps.

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When two skin surfaces rub together, such as under the breasts or between the thighs , one or both surfaces may become red and irritated. This opens the way for germs and fungi to infect the skin. Burning and itching often follow, especially in the armpits, around the anus, between the fingers and toes, and in the groins. Skin chafing is always worse in those who are overweight, especially during hot weather. If the patient has diabetes, this increases susceptibility to chafing.


• Apply some good talcum powder several times a day.
• Wear cool clothing and avoid strenuous exercise in hot weather.
• Obese patients should definitely lose weight.


A certain amount of sweating is normal for everyone. But when too much of everything is bad and excessive sweating is the order of the day, it is definitely abnormal and should be investigated. Many people are troubled with cold, wet hands and feet, especially when under nervous strain. Excessive moisture on the skin always raises the possibility of further infection with fungus and bacteria, especially on the feet, around the genital areas and under the armpits. If the armpits and groins are also involved, strong objectionable odours may arise.


• Make a thorough search for the cause. A complete physical examination is always advisable to rule out the presence of some other disorder that should be corrected.
• Apply potassium permanganate compress three times a day
• Apply some good drying talcum powder
• Frequent bathing is advisable for those who are troubled with “objectionable” skin odours.
• For those troubled with persistent odours, apply a deodorant with Neomycin solution, once or twice daily to the armpits and groins.

Next on the list is ACNE AND PIMPLES..... To be "extensively" discussed in my next post.

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