The disease is 90% from the mind, and 10% of the diet.

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Maybe you do not believe but that's the reality so this will make a positive knowledge and science for us all. Try you look at crazy people, they eat anything physically healthy because his mind is always happy.


And the following correlation lists the disease with negative thoughts:

  • Angry, for 5 minutes will cause our body's immune system will experience depression 6 hours more.

  • Revenge & save bitterness will cause our body's immune to die. And that's where all the diseases start, such as STRESS, CHOLESTEROL, HYPERTENSION, HEART ATTACK, RHEMATIC, ARTHRITIS, STROKE (bleeding / blockage of blood vessels and others).

  • If we often let ourselves stress, then we will often experience indigestion.

  • If we often feel worried, then we are susceptible to a disease such as back pain disease.

  • And if we are easily offended, then we will tend to get insomnia (difficult to sleep).

  • If we often experience kebatungan in life, then we will be affected by bone disorders of the lower bone.

  • If we often let ourselves feel excessive fear, then we will be susceptible to kidney disease.

  • If we like to be negatively, then we will be susceptible to DYSPEPSIA (a difficult disease to digest).

  • And if we are easily emotional & tend to be angry, then we will be vulnerable to HEPATITIS disease.

  • And if we often feel apathetic (never care) about the environment, then we will potentially experience a decrease in immunity.

  • And if we often think trivial all the problems, then this can lead to disease DIABETES.

  • If we often feel lonely, then we can be exposed to a disease DEMENSIA SENELIS (loss of memory and control of body functions).

  • If we often grieve & feel always low self, then we will get the disease LEUKEMIA

Thus, so from now on less or less the burden of the mind than the stress continues to hurt, and this will continue that you will experience.

Hopefully this post can be useful and useful for all

By: @sayed-mahzar

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A very valuable information, thanks for sharing and I am sure it is very useful for us all.

Thank you for commenting @rebatesteem, the science is for the sharing because let alone about health and that is sure is very useful for everyday