How to be Healthy in Busy day: Short tips

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So guys today i am going to write some short tips to be healthy in your busy shedule of your life.

Some tricks, and pieces of advice should help you and those around you to stay healthy.

  • If you feel like eating but are not sure if you’re really hungry, ask yourself if you’d like to have an apple. If the answer is ‘no’, you’re most likely bored rather than hungry.

  • Exercising before going to bed makes your muscles burn more calories during the night.

  • A mid-day nap improves your memory and reduces the chances of developing heart diseases.
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  • If you’re feeling anxious and stressed, eat a melon. Melons help relieve anxiety and stress, plus they boost your metabolism.

-Skipping a meal can cause you to gain weight. Your body thinks you’re going through a famine, which causes it to work in energy-saving mode and makes burning calories more difficult.

"Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health"

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Thanks man... If I had more upvoting power, I would definitely upvote this. You shared great tips with me. Most of the time, I stay busy in my life. And next time, I am going to try that apple trick.

Really..bro..we have to take care of our body....

I hope you will later share things like these. I followed you.

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