New vlog challenge! Keep Sarah 'clean'

in health •  8 months ago

I'm talking clean eating incase any minds are wandering.

After 2 years of feeling ill, I am having to go on a clean diet due to many intolerances.

Doctors orders.

So my new challenge is to cook more from scratch (my family are delighted-NOT) and to generally get back on track.

No excuses this time, as if I dont, I get Ill. Simple.

I packed up smoking one year ago, and haven't had alcohol in 6 months, nor chocolate.

Tell a lie, I savagly ate a handful of ferrero roche at Christmas and pinched a galaxy bar from my husband.

I was violently ill on both occassions.

Now to get super fit...I am attempting to cook more organic clean foods, and I will take you on my video blogging journey.

Currently I have got wholemeal bread baking in the kitchen (wtf...I am even in shock with my effort) I will report on this witchcraft later.

Here is my shopping from yesterday.

I may lose 10 stone in a day and my sense of humour but I will take any support offered!

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amazing poat .i'm support offered!

Needs more clean meat hehe!


Raw meat lol

Mostly I am sorry about the chocolate for you! Had to give up the othe 2 myself, so I know how hard it can be.
Everything you bought looks fresh and healthy. You have my support. Sounds like a lifestyle change for the better. Best of luck to you. 🐓🐓


Thank you very much ❤️ yes tough but al is god :-)

I love to prepare different dishes specially cakes and cookies, but unfortunately I do not usually taste them because I have stomach ulcer problems. But I enjoy seeing my friends eat tasty dishes while eating bananas. I found that bananas have a beneficial effect on my digestive system. But some others raw fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, onions or peppers are hard to digest for me.
I also found out that animal fats have an adverse effect on digestion. My daily meals contains cold pressed vegetable fats to increase energy and nutritional value, such as coconut oil, hemp oil, olive oil.
I´m eating a tablespoon of hemp or olive oil every morning, usually a piece of bread dripped in oil.
Sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water also helps with problems with increased gastric acid.


I get high acidity so i get some of what you are saying. Iys difficult! Some useful bits on your comment will check out hemp oil for sure! Thankyou 😁