The practical benefits of health from melinjo leaves and melinjo seeds

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Hello guys
Here are some health benefits of melinjo leaf and melinjo seeds
IMG_20180417_121500.jpgmelinjo leaf
IMG_20180417_122846.jpgmelinjo seeds

  1. Urine laxative
    If the difficulty out of small water, then you can use melinjo as a natural remedy. the way is to evaporate 50 grams of fresh melinjo skin then at a meal at once.

  2. As a dog bite remedy
    If you experience dog bites, you can use the following ingredients. wash some young melinjo fruit or leaves, plus 2 cloves of onion or garlic, and 1 finger of ginger. then mash all the ingredients until it becomes porridge, then apply on the part of the dog bitten.

  3. Make eye disease, anemia, and busung hungry
    Eye disease, anemia, and hunger can be treated with melinjo. the way is to eat leaves and fruits that have been cooked or can also eat melinjo in vegetables.

  4. Benefits of melinjo seeds in improving endurance
    Benefits of seed melinjo in improving endurance due to the leaves are rich in antioxidants. researchers from jember university, considered that the antioxidant activity of the seeds is equivalent to vitamin C. This antioxidant activity of melinjo is obtained from high protein concentrations, ie 90-10%, in every seed melinjo.

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