World Physiotherapy Day: 3 Exercises You Should Do to Keep Yourself Fit from Head to Toe

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Hello Steemians!

Today is 8th September, which is also celebrated as World Physiotherapy Day. Most of us might not be unaware of the occasion, but this day still holds an importance to raise awareness about our physical health.

World Physiotherapy Day is known primarily to spread awareness about physical as well as mental well being through exercise. We are getting so busy these days that finding time for exercise or workout is difficult. But it is very important for every individual to get involved into some kind of physical activity, be it jogging or simply walking for 20 at least mins every day.

On this special occasion, here's what you can do everyday to rejuvenate your body and keep it fit.

Top 3 Exercises you can add to your daily schedule to keep yourself active throughout.

Jogging/ Running / Skipping/ Cycling

Running burns most of your body fat and it is one of the most efficient form of exercise to remain healthy throughout.

So, start your day with any one of those exercises listed above and record the timing, distance so you can track your progress everyday. If you're doing skipping, then make sure you do not jump too high or rotate hands while jumping. You just need to jump at your toes and rotate wrists to complete the circle of rope and do not overdo it in one go.

Squats/ Stretching

Squats aim at building the lower part of your body, which includes calves, hamstring, glutes, thighs. If you do it right, maintaining a good posture by pulling your abdominal muscles, it will also help to strengthen your core body.
If you're new to squats, you can also add stretching of thighs, legs to ensure your engaging the muscles during your exercise.

Plank/ Pushups/ Burpees

Plank is the best way of exercise, which targets your core muscles. Top sportsman involve plank in their regular routine exercise to strengthen their back, abdomen region.

You can also add pushups to your exercise routine, and slowly increase the count on a daily or weekly basis. Pushups helps at building your arms and chest muscles.
Burpees is the best way to strengthen your body from head to toe because when you do burpees, it will workout your chest, arm, hamstring, quads etc. So if you are a beginner, you can start with 10 burpees and then increase the count as per your body permits.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this valuable information about how you can keep yourself healthy. I wish you bring them in practice daily, so that your body remains fit forever and you will be active throughout your day.
While you exercise, you burn calories, so it is equally important to consume healthy food every day for a healthy lifestyle. I'll write about what food you can consume to maintain a good body balance very soon.

Thank you for reading. Please upvote it if you found it important and comment it, if you want to add more exercises to a daily routine. You can also share your experience with doing daily exercises and tell the audience how did it benefit you to remain healthy. Also, let the steemians get aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy life. Share this article at your social channels and resteem it at your profile to spread awareness.

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