Use bitter pain in the disease. Learn what to use in the disease!!

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Tejapata is used to cook cooking flavors and fragrances. Beyond the bayagata has innumerable times. There are numerous benefits to using it. It is possible to heal the use of bariatra in different diseases. Let's not know.

Many times urine color is purple. In that case, soak 2-3 teaspoons of hot water for 2 hours. After drinking it water for 2-3 hours, the color of the urine becomes white.
Bake the bay leaves, soak it and keep it for 10-12 hours in two cups of hot water. After taking two weeks of cheating, strength comes in the body, the finesse comes back.

If you want to boil the bay leaf, boil it in 4 cups of water, the water will be eaten in the morning and afternoon. Playing 4-5 weeks will remove the scalp and itching. Besides, the water is also used to remove cotton from the place of grazing, but it also works.
Many of the throats grow in the throats. At the time loud banging or screaming broke the throat. To get rid of this problem, it will play a little bit 3-4 times by banging the baypatha.

The bay leaf is very good for cleaning the skin. Bite the baypatha as a sandalwood, keep it bell at bathing before bathing. After bathing, dirt becomes up. Those who have stomach on them, they also get rid of the problem.

If the water barks on the bay leaves, then the stomach cuts out.
If the boil is very painful, it becomes hard, but in this condition, the pain may be reduced 2-3 times by placing bitter leaf.


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