Frequent urine pressure is actually what you eat !!

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Many people have frequent urine pressure. It is not unusual to have urine pressure 4-5 times a day. But more than that, but the matter of concern!

Especially if 8-9 times of pub is required on the day and for the night to spend night then doctors should be consulted.

According to experts, if the bladder started doing extra work, then there was frequent urine pressure. And this may be due to various reasons such as alcohol consumption, caffeine, diabetes, urinary tract infection, any disorder in Pelvic regina, and side-effects of some medicines.

The problem can be solved through medical advice and modern treatment. But Boldsky's report has given some domestic treatments to the experts, which do great work in this regard. The details are discussed below:


This body has various nutritious ingredients, which play a very effective role in curing such diseases. The same is done with the dubbing of water in the stomach.


Cherries have large amounts of fiber, which reduces bladder abnormalities. It also reduces urinary problems and also constitutes constipation problems.

Fenugreek seeds:

This often reduces the difficulty of urine pressure and works great to cure any type of urinary disorder.

Sesame seeds:

It contains essential fiber, mineral, anti-oxidant and vitamin, which often reduces urine velocity.


There are plenty of polyphenols, iron and calcium in Cholay. This reduces this problem by normalizing Bladder's work.

Pumpkin seeds:

Pumpkin seeds contain plenty of fatty acids. Helps to keep fatty acids, prostate and bladder better. If this is the problem then it can start eating.


Make a paste of pomegranate keys. Playing it will reduce almost all types of urinary problems. It contains various types of vitamins and anti-oxidants, which reduces bladder inflammation. As a result, more frequent urine pressure will not come. It also works very well to reduce the pressure of urine in the night.


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