For this reason, everyone should know about the water in the body.

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Mouth swelling Leg swelling. The skin will be given if you press the finger. The general idea is that water depositing in the body means bad kidneys. But for some reason the body may get water. Those who have problems in the heart and lungs may also have this.

Long-term diseases of the lung; Such as: Chronic bronchitis, bronchiatrics, the condition of heart disease caused by various complications of tuberculosis, called the core pulmonalei. It also suffers from respiratory problems, swelling of the face and legs, and the whole body. Even if the effect of heart failure decreases (cardiac failure) water may come. The problem arises when uncontrolled hypertension, heart valve failure, and ischemic heart disease are complex. These patients may have chest pains, chest pain, high blood pressure. The need for chest X-rays, ECG or echocardidum to find out the reason for submergence in the body.

In addition to lung problems or heart problems, there is also the presence of intestinal tuberculosis, a tumor or cancer spread inside the liver, but the body comes to the water. Water problems are not diverse as kidney problems, thyroid gland problem, lack of blood pressure etc. Often, some side effects of some medicines can also cause water to water.

You have to start treatment by exploring the reasons why water is in the water.

  • Try to remember where the water was in the beginning and tell the doctor. In the face of kidney problems, firstly the mouth swells; At the heart patients only the legs swelling two legs.

  • Reduce urine and do not think of kidney disease if urine changes. Again, breathing difficulties, chest cramps, guide the heart or lung problems. If symptoms of fever, food deficiency, vomiting, bleeding or vomiting have been shown, there should be no liver or intestinal problems.

  • What are the medicines before drinking water (painkillers, amlodipine-national blood pressure medications, birth control pills etc.).

Many people buy lactic acid water medicines by buying water from a drug store in the body. The water goes away, but the cause is not known. After this the disease became complex. And there is also many side effects of this type of medicine without knowing.


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