Do not do the things you do while doing diet ...

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We have done a lot of diet twice a day. And those overweight people who have seen it once a year often spend this diet after doing this diet. And for a special occasion, 5 kg in one week, 10 kg weight loss Crash Diet.

Then begins hair fall, face and skin of the body and the gastric, ACDT type risk trouble along with the lifting of the skin. Then started again on the head of the castor oil and mouth of different types of cream and facial haircuts. At times I see many skins and hair care postings so much so that in the posting of some insatiable soul,

'Look, there is no work,' ...

Some people say again 'Falto'!

Skin and Haircare can be done to keep your skin and hair normal and to make it worse. On top of that, it is very patience. Now tell me a little bit, if I do not have to control my food habbit, weighing 8-10kg then we try to reduce the weight by 10 kilos after 1 hour of extreme impatience.

And in this cycle, the body parts of my body become lifeless without getting any food, and I get half hair from head and become defiled, can any hair massage on the earth be able to put my hair on the head?

Do you know the truth? We all know, we all know that in our childhood, our mother, Baba, told to eat vegetables, milk, eggs more, is not it? But we do not want to admit that we have been doing such a big defeat for ourselves.

Let's remind you of some points today. Today's writing is for those who have been drunk for a long time. Many people may know, but those who do not know, they can take a look at some of the Diet errors that could ruin your health and beauty for a lifetime.


Great tip I will keep that in my mind.

yes, Everyone will be benefited.

Short comment harmful, be careful

I’m sorry. I’m not good at English.

Very good publication. There are many mistakes in dieting not only is weight loss but also how other parts of the body react, such as skin, as you mention it.

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