My daughter Luna has one constantly dilated pupil: what could this mean?

in health •  8 months ago

Luna Eyes.jpg

We discovered this on Friday leading into a bank holiday weekend so can't speak to our doctor till Tuesday. I am putting it out to the Steemit community in the hope that someone may be able to offer some wisdom in the meantime which will calm down my partner Sabrina who is doing her best not to get hysterical.

We have the option of rushing Luna to the A&E dept of our nearest hospital in Perpignan but this doesn't feel right.

The first thing I did was review all our family photos and it turns out she was born with one pupil bigger than the other but if my own eyes are not deceiving me it would seem that the dilation is becoming more extreme with time?

Here is a collection of images dating back to her birth 15 months ago.

10th March 2018

3rd Feb 2018

23rd Dec 2017

7th Oct 2017

10th May 2017

10th Feb 2017 (one week after birth)

Looking at this last shot it is barely noticeable but when we measure from the edge of the pupil to the edge of the iris in both eyes it is evident that her right eye is still slightly more dilated than the other.

Is it getting more extreme with time?

I feel as if this is an important question and looking at the above images side by side I realise now it is not so easy to get my answer. I would need to have consistent light in each shot to know for sure because the condition is most visible in bright conditions when one pupil contracts and the other doesn't.

What does the internet say?

My online research has unearthed 18 possibilities, none of them good. On the contrary, they are mostly life threatening conditions involving some kind of swelling or haemorrhaging in the brain around the optic nerve.

I refuse to believe this little girl has a life threatening condition.

She doesn't appear to be experiencing any discomfort and only cries when her brother doesn't let her play with his toys. She has lived an extremely healthy (breastfed) life so far and is consistently full of joy, currently obsessed with singing.

My more spiritual side wants to believe there is something amazing happening here and perhaps she is able to see the world in a different way to us?

Though I am of course quite curious to know what is causing the dilation.

How can you help?

I wouldn't normally ask this but please can you give this a resteem, on the off-chance that someone may have had experience with this subject. Or perhaps you already know someone who could help us?

Also I would like to apologise for not responding to anyone's comments for the last few days. We have been somewhat preoccupied with this.

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When I was two years old, I was in a car crash (my mom was rear ended) and ever since then, I've had one pupil that is dilated larger than the other. Doctors used to freak out but I just had to explain the above and they were like "oh ok." Later on in life, I had a doctor tell me that "It's OK. Sometimes people have pupils that just do that. It's good to rule out anything bad of course, but in the absence of anything bad, it's fine. No problems..."

And the issue was dropped.


Appreciate your story and reassurance. I wonder though if there is still an underlying cause even when there are no negative side effects. Something must surely cause this to happen?

I suspect we will be getting the appropriate tests done next week to rule out the horror stories.

I also have the same symptom and I think it started following my car crash in which I experienced intense double whiplash. If you haven't already, I suggest taking her to an experienced and skilled holistic chiropracter as most children need an adjustment anyway and it may help.


Thanks for your advice. We have a fantastic doctor now who is even supporting us in the non-vaccination of our children. He gets it, so am anticipating on Tuesday when he answers his phone that he will be able to point us in the right direction. Though I will keep in mind your words... holistic chiropractor.

Interesting to hear how yours began after a car crash. Have you looked into the Atlasprofilax treatment? I wonder if this may help you? It turns out almost all of us don't have straight spines due the Atlas bone.

I had the treatment 5 years ago and intend to get all my family done when we are back in London this summer. I believe our energy is able to flow more effectively when the spine is perfectly aligned.


Absolutely, yes, the spine's orientation is the core origin of many health problems and it only takes a relatively tiny misalignment for other problems to manifest. The trauma of exit from the birth canal using modern techniques causes the majority of children to experience misalignments that typically never get resolved.

I am aware of the need to have the atlas corrected, yes, I am not 100% sure though if my chiropracter uses the kind of specailised technique that you are referring to, I will ask him next time.

I wish that you are able to straighten this all out ;)


The doctor who did the procedure on my atlas bone told me that the birth canal explanation has come about because it cannot be logically explained any other way.

He then went on to tell me about the Anunnaki and how they genetically engineered us this way to ensure that we wouldn't become a threat to them, unable to evolve beyond a certain point.

Thanks for getting me thinking about this one again. Have never written a post on this subject...


First, sorry for cutting in. But I believe you should do a post on it. I'm VERY interested in your views on it.


I really appreciate your open minded & optimistic approach to life.

It is on my 'posts to do' list now!


ha, well, i am pretty sure it's more to do with comparing the results of children born in a natural, balanced way compared to those born using modern tools/methods... at the very least, i see more evidence for that! if engineers want to mess with us, there are far more effective ways than misaligning a bone that can be corrected by massage ;)


I see your point. Though if the story is true one could argue that the atlas bone trick has been very successful. I can count on one hand only the number of people I know who have had the procedure to correct it. Sometimes the simplest tricks are the most effective.

Would love to see comparative figures for spine alignment in kids born naturally vs modern techniques. I've looked for this data before and not found anything. What is the evidence you mentioned?

seems she had this condition since birth, it can wait 2 days more, just send her to eye doctor tomorrow, and try to comfort the wife, they tend to get into "aggressive protection mode", give her positive energy, otherwise the whole family will get agitated.
hope it is not anything serious . blesses


Yep, you are spot on there. Doing my best to keep flying the positive flag. We just went for a fun walk in the forrest which helped :)


Tuesday today. How did it go at the doctor??? I pray there's nothing serious

I have some form of a similar condition. My right eye does not move as far as how big it dilates. It's just stuck in once size. my eye doctor discovered it and told me that I needed to go to a doctor because it wasn't a problem that he could diagnose. I went to the doctor and after doing some tests he was unable to conclude what it was. That was 20 years ago. Nothing has changed since then. I do have to wear eyeglasses but not due to this condition. On occasion, I do suffer from a migraine. This is only a couple of three times a year. Other than that I am perfectly healthy. I hope these words offer some form of encouragement but it doesn't have to be a life altering situation. And as always I send you and all of yours all of my love. I will be asking the Creator to guide you and protect your family.


Thanks for sharing your story. This certainly doesn't feel like anything serious to me but of course we will no doubt get some tests done to rule out certain possibilities. We went to A&E in the end yesterday and they didn't think it was an emergency. So, let's see what our trusty doc has to say on Tues...

have you done an MRI ?

even if nothing then it's reassurance that it's nothing but i wouldnt be asking this online lol, i think doctors are better qualified to handle this ...


Am guessing an MRI will be required to rule out possibilities. We went to A&E in the end yesterday and they didn't think it was an emergency. So, let's see what our trusty doc has to say on Tues...

Take her to the hospital, people on internet can't help on something they need to be present to give actual opinion on.

Years ago my sister had a condition where one of her eyes changes direction for split second and returns, it looked like her case was terrible but Doctors said if she took a certain kind of glasses and wore them everyday she'll be alright.

It took her years for her condition to become normal, and she still wears her glasses. But what I mean, if she didn't took the glasses that day my sister would have been blind today.

So, take her to the doctor, her case might be life threatening or she might okay, but you won't know unless you go to one. Oh, you don't have to take her to the emergency, just take her to a normal eye doc.

EDIT: Ah, just noticed that you can't take her to hospital until Tuesday, that's hard... I want to say wait but you really need to have someone see her soon.


Thanks for your advice. I think because she has had this all her life we can wait till Tues.

My best wishes to your little girl


Thanks bro

Your daughter luna is very cute may God keeps her health safe and song

I am not a doctor but differently sized pupils can mean something very serious is happening with the brain. You should take her to a medical doctor now.


Appreciate your concern. The family photos confirm she's had this all her life so I don't see this as an emergency. We actually took her to A&E last night after lots of people said the same as you... and they didn't think it was an emergency either.


I hope everything is okay!