Daily smoothie making with the children

in health •  4 months ago

The importance of daily smoothies in my life cannot be understated. This is my time of the day for getting a serious fruit injection and the variety and freshness is a key factor too.

The preparation process is made all the more fun by having my two young assistants with me ;)

snap 38.jpg

snap 36.jpg

Check out what Luna looks like when she takes a bite on the lime ;)

snap 34.jpg

I would love to hear about YOUR favourite or most elaborate smoothies?

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bees pollen is good too, I usually put some of that in too.


Bees pollen is good
Too, I usually put
Some of that in too.

                 - funbobby51

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thanks for the reminder. Need to get some more!


I buy mine at a hardware store.

A bit of organic honey in the smoothie would help the taste of the figs for the children. The honey takes the sometimes bitter taste away for them.


Thanks! Thats a great idea. I do believe we have some of that somewhere...

Way to teach your children eating healthy from a young age, bravo, sir! :)


I do try but they still prefer cake above everything!

Frozen mango and that’s it! That’s always always a winner, maybe with a bit of passionfruit too, melts the hot day blues away - blisss


I find mango to be the best smoothie base of all. All other fruits seem to mix well with it :)

One small snag for the winter... we don't have a freezer!

It's on the list!

Now for crypto to go TO THE MOON! :)


Ooooooh holler haha!!
You know what’s funny about freezers, when you find a good one you get so attached to it and defensive when it comes time to part with it... well that’s coloured by my experience with a fridge style shelved deep freeze - best invention ever!