Natural Vision Correction - free of charge. Throw away your corrective lenses forever! Join this exciting film project to help future generations & promote Steemit at the same time.

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Hello Steemit friends

It has become my mission in recent years to always try and help people (mostly through my films) with the knowledge I acquire on my travels.

On this occasion it is the subject of eyesight and vision correction I have recently come to understand in detail and am approaching now the start of a 60 day course of eye exercises & meditations (around 30mins per day) after which I can guarantee you will see an improvement in your vision if you follow my instructions. I will be doing the course at the same time as a group of 26 people, to correct my myopia (sort-sighted/near-sighted).

I am charging nothing, nor selling anything. The instructional videos are being posted on YouTube for anyone to see.

But I would love for some Steemit users to join me in this 60 day challenge? Go on! What do you have to lose? You already know the world is full of deception, so doesn't it seem logical that contact lens, glasses and laser surgery industries might also be a part of this deception?

It is my intention to create a film from the personal video footage provided by the group which will categorically prove that natural vision correction is possible and that we no longer need to wear corrective aids or pay for expensive & risky laser surgery.

The Steemit branding will be all over this series & final film and it is my intention to screen it internationally.

No one has ever made a film like this before.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be finally doing this after putting it off for so long! When I first read a book on this subject (3 years ago) based on something called the ‘Bates Method’ it simply felt right to me.

Everything within the book seemed completely logical. The problem for me was that it represented a couple of hours a day of eye exercises. Last year I read another book from a completely different source, ‘Take off your glasses and see’ by Jacob Liberman, which looks at more recent findings and confirms with certainty that we can fix our myopia(near-sighted or short-sighted), hyperopia (long-sighted or far-sighted), presbyopia (old age eyesight) and even our astigmatisms (a defect in the eye caused by a deviation from spherical curvature).

I have myopia and an astigmatism in one eye. And feel ready now that I have turned 40 to make the transition back to perfect vision. Please be aware than I am not claiming we can completely correct our vision in 60 days, just make a marked improvement. Once that improvement has been confirmed for you, it will be even easier to continue all the way back to perfect vision.

Research has shown that if we believe something is possible we are more likely to achieve it. So it's time to forget what your optician has told you.


Since having the idea to work as a group, lying in bed a few weeks ago, I have been busy researching again. Good to be current!

There are now 5 instructional films following on from this one.

...and I'm not presenting these ones from my bed!

If you are open-minded enough to join me in fixing your eyesight through a so-called 'impossible' natural vision correction course, I have added a bunch of details below which will help you understand better what it is we are doing.

Or you can just watch the films! Looking forward to hearing some feedback on your improvement :)

These films represent an important pre-text to the upcoming eye exercises & meditations.

Here is the list of further information I suggest you read before watching the films....

1. TEST YOUR EYES NOW! In order that others can see our improvement (and benefit from it) it is essential that we take an eye test immediately and film the results if possible (remembering to hold the camera landscape NOT portrait). This can be done at an opticians or at home using the relevant eye chart. (Just let me know if you need me to point you to the right download links for these). Place the chart at eye level in a room lit with natural daylight and stand or sit with a straight back while performing the test. Personally, I am going for the optician route as I would like to hear them tell me it is not possible to achieve any kind of improvement. And when the 60 days are done, I will also film their reaction to my results.

2. Stop wearing your corrective aids when possible. They are crutches for your eyes and a person using crutches will develop muscle atrophy over time. Use them only when you absolutely have to use them. And keep reminding yourself that the less you wear them, the less you will NEED to wear them. If you can, go out and buy corrective lenses that are WEAKER than your current prescription. This will speed up your recovery process.

3. Find a notebook. This will be used to record your results from each eye test and more importantly how you are FEELING in the moment the test is carried out. We will soon learn that our vision is in a constant state of flux, depending on how we feel, the time of day, the kind of lighting we are sitting under, where we are in proximity to the ground...there are many potential factors. Further adding to the absurdity of wearing corrective lenses which simply cannot account for these small fluctuations. Please avoid using digital devises in place of a notebook. The act of physically writing our feelings is important. Spelling, grammar and the readability of our words is long as you can read them! You will also be using this note book to record how you feel when you are not wearing your corrective lenses. For some people there can be very intense feelings that come to the surface when not wearing the lenses. It is important that we acknowledge these feelings without judgement and simply make a note of the feeling and circumstances surrounding it.

4. Your diet. I mentioned before that vegan is best, but the simple addition of certain foods to your current diet would suffice in speeding up your recovery of perfect vision.
It is important that you get a good supply of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D & calcium. DON’T USE SUPPLEMENTS (unless you are a vegan supplementing B12). Fresh is always best! And eat these things raw if possible. Even sweet potato can be grated and added to salads.
Vitamin D - this will be achieved through your exposure to sunshine - details in the next section.
Vitamin A - Sweet potato, carrots, spinach, kale, watermelon, lettuce, tomato, grapefruit, apricots, mango, chilli pepper.
Vitamin E - Almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, avocado, raw seeds, swiss chard, mustard greens, plant oils, broccoli, parsley, papaya, olives.
Vitamin C - All citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, lemons & limes), strawberries, black currants, cherries, kiwi, bell peppers, guava, brussels sprouts, melons, amalaki fruit, dark leafy greens, red tomatoes.
Calcium - Green leafy vegetables, spring greens, cabbage, swede, rocket, watercress, kale, broccoli, parsley, oranges, kidney beans & black eyed beans, nuts & seeds, chickpeas & tahini. Despite popular belief, I don’t believe that cows milk is a good source of calcium mostly because the studies carried out are not taking into account the amount of calcium we urinate after drinking it.
These lists could have been a lot longer, so I encourage you to seek out your own favourites.

5. Sunlight - For those of you who like to wear sunglasses, take them off whenever you can. Just like your glasses, the less you wear them, the less you will feel the need to wear them. One of the exercises will involve standing in the sun, looking towards it with your eyes closed. So, if sunlight feels very bright to you, this will help bring your eyes back to a healthy relationship with the sun. Expose as much of your skin as possible to sunlight for a minimum of 15 mins a day. If it is cloudy, just being outside is still good. This will increase your vitamin D levels. Spend as much of your day as possible in natural lighting rather than artificial light. For those of you who work on computers I recommend an app called Flux which changes the
colour temperature of your screen to fit the changing colours of the day. Working after sunset in front of a bright unadjusted screen can mess with the natural circadian rhythm I am trying to introduce back into your lives.
mac download:
pc download:

6. Become conscious of your eye habits - Computers, smart phones, newspapers, magazines, books, white boards, black boards & TVs have contributed to the rise in eye problems. They restrict our natural eye movement and basically create a situation where your eyes are not getting enough exercise. Even though I am going to provide you with exercises that will build those muscles back up, it is important that you make some adjustments if you want this change to be permanent. When working at a computer simply look up at something far away from time to time. My suggestion is to put a small sign on the edge of your computer screen reminding you to look up. In an ideal world you want to be looking at things that are far away as often as you are looking at things that are close to you. But this is not realistic for most of us, so just do your best. If you enjoy reading I suggest that you make a book mark which says the following words ‘STOP. Look up. Look away. Breathe! Now put me two pages ahead.’

7. Become conscious of your thoughts - I believe this is the most important part of all. And the hardest to achieve. When we are completely ‘in the moment’ we are at peace. And so too are our eyes. When we are happy, joyful and relaxed, our eyes naturally follow suit. When we are stressed, tired, angry or fearful our muscles contract and our vision (both spiritually and physically) becomes constricted. I will be introducing you to breath awareness and meditations designed to hold us in the moment. The more we do these meditations the better we will get at incorporating them into our everyday lives. Remember that the Tibetan monks needed only a few minutes a day of eye exercises to recover perfect sight, but were no doubt much better than us at staying ‘in the moment.’ Be aware too that past traumas can still affect the way we think, as I mentioned in my last video. And sometimes we have buried these extreme emotions so deep that we don’t even remember them. But they will still be affecting us. It is important that we learn to register our feelings (as soon as we have them) and then acknowledge them without judgement. This can be done using your notebook or with your partner. For those of us taking the partner route please explain to your other half that you will be sharing all your feelings immediately and honesty over this 60 day period, and that your feelings are not related in any way to their actions. I know this may be hard for some people to understand at this stage, but we are ALWAYS responsible for our own feelings, no matter the situation. The important thing for the moment is understanding that we will be acknowledging our feelings and letting them out. If the feelings are particularly personal or painful it may help to tear this page of your notebook out and burn it when you feel ready. Acknowledge them and let them go. This technique worked wonders for me five years ago :)

This is a group member testimonial I received last week from a man in the Philippines I have never met:

"It's just been a few days since i started reading the emails from you about reversing myopia naturally, and i have been watching the youtube videos. i am glad to give you some wonderful updates on me as far as this project is concerned:

  • my perception has radically shifted! from settling to the idea that i can never reverse my myopia(this was my story line before i received your invitation) to fully believing that it is indeed reversible! Just by this shift in perception, i noticed an amazing change!

  • the changes:

1. before, when i remove my glasses, its as if i cant see anything. now i am seeing more and appreciating what i see even without glasses. i feel more trusting to what i see, even without glasses.

2. my eyes are comfortable even without glasses, before I'm not. The moment i wake up before, i look for my glasses. Now i try my best to use it only if needed(driving, typing, writing).

3. i feel more confident that my vision is improving, and guess what? this morning, i went to my optical shop, and bought a new set of glasses that is 100 grade less than my original. I will get the new set 5 days from now. I was confident in doing this because i noticed that everytime i put back my glass after not wearing it, i notice a strain in my eyes, so my intuition is telling me to downgrade.

My experience above is also the same experience i have in my work as a holistic doctor who empowers people to become drug free. I realized that an eyeglass is something like a drug, which keeps on increasing its dosage as years go by. My present grade is 800 L, 700 R. The downgrade that i will get when my new set will be done in the next 5 days is 700L, 600R. A downgrade of 100 in just a few days is already a miracle to me.

Honestly, at first, when i saw carly's email, i was reluctant to join, because for such a long time, i have already concluded that myopia can never be reversed and ill be very dependent on an eyeglass for the rest of my life. But on second thought, I thought of giving it a try. And to my amazement, just by reading your emails and watching the youtube links started a shift in my perception. Indeed, a healing of perception is very powerful."

I would say it seems to be working for him, wouldn't you?

So the only question left to ask is this...

'Are you ready to correct your vision, help others follow in your footsteps and promote Steemit at the same time?'

It's a win/win for everyone!

I cannot wait to see the world like this again without my corrective aids!

(Sunrise from the three crosses in Park Guell, Barcelona - part of my time-lapse work there)

If you are interested to see examples of my film & time-lapse work this is currently the best place:

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Welcome to the community. You are surely an inspirational fellow

Thank you for your welcome. Very kind of you & really happy to be helping people here :)

So happy to SEE you steeming brother!! Great value and wonderfully written post man. Wholeness <3

Keni!!! Hellooooo x x x x The funny thing about all of this is that you were unknowingly the first person to explain to me what cybercurrency actually was! I watched one of your Thai blogs last year in which you and your lady explained it to me :) So, thank you & much wholeness back to you my brother x

Sam!!! And One says to another we are but reflections of each other, ever being and becoming expressions of One self. In the Sun we ponder who really speaks to another, when really we are but speaking/hearing the echoes of Ones self, vibrating in alignment, who we see is who we be and what we be is all we see. Wholeness is balance, be love and beloved dear One <3


The awesome trio back together again :) we are!

Amazing!! You put so much time and energy into this post and into this project. I look forward to future posts from you. If you'll allow me to offer one recommendation - to not continue using the introduceyourself tag. That is generally only used for someone's first post, and reusing is seen by some as an abuse of that tag. Have a great day!

Thank you for encouragement and advice. I really appreciate that. Do you think I should remove the tag from this post and replace it with something else?

Looks like you already did :-)

Yes indeed. Thanks for the tip :) Am super excited about this. I just received my first video testimonial from a man who I have never met, showing his prescription before and after watching my films. And no big surprises... his eyesight is already improving :)

That is Interesting
Keep On Steeming

Thank you. I will most certainly be doing that :)

ooo part 2 - following now, hubby too. Want to see if this is possible to stop us wearing magnifiers for reading - age related, started in our 40's ! going to be interesting

It sure will be interesting. Pretty please will you film an eye test before and after the 60 days of eye exercises? You can do this from home using a print out of the right chart for your vision. This way I can include you in the film and your work will help the lives of many others :) Are you near or far sighted?

havent a clue.... I see very clearly with out my glasses, just can't read anything close up , its all blurry until i put these magnifyers on. Will do our eye test print out this week for you and will let you know - both of us are interested - if you need ages 53 and 50 - dont know if this is relevant?

All ages are relevant! So, great stuff. If you want to be part of the group experience while you are doing this, just befriend me on Facebook and join our private eye group :)

@samstonehill Have done this some before and want to work on it again. Thank you for sharing and will be watching you videos.

Great stuff. Hope to hear about your improvement :)

As I read... I wear glasses.
As I finish reading... I take them off.

Nicely done.

Thank you my friend. Are you interested in getting involved in the project? The 60 days have not yet begun...

I am interested in this. I had LASIK ten years ago, and I'm just now noticing that I can't see as sharp far away as I have since the LASIK. I am curious if the previous surgery disqualifies me from this..?

There are a couple of people doing my course with me who have also had LASIK, so my answer is no, this doesn't disqualify you in any way. Google Meir Schneider. He was born legally blind, went through many operations which didn't help at all, but after somehow managing to do his own research on the subject was able to correct his vision using eye exercises and belief! So, would you like to be part of this project?


Great! At this stage all you have to do is watch through the films here and follow the instructions. The 60 days of eye exercises & meditations will be starting soon. Also, so that you benefit from the group experience please join my Facebook group here:
This way you can share your thoughts privately (should you feel inclined) and learn from the experiences of the other group members who are posting there :)

What a bunch of woo. Where's the downvote button?

haha. You won't be saying that when you see the final film produced from the video diary footage of 26 people all achieving improvement :)

Now this is useful info! thank you

My pleasure :) Keep following the series to find out about the eye exercises & meditations...

Just taking off your glasses or sunglasses for a walk each day really helps, I have been transitioning to not depending so much on them and just that seems to help. The alternative is enslavement and dependence on glasses, might as well fight it folks.

Yes indeed my friend. Like most of the stuff in our cluttered lives, the less we use them, the less dependent we become on them. And I will be suggesting exactly this to my group next week... daily walks in the sunshine without glasses or sunglasses. Simple as that! Just go for a walk :) Many thanks for the positive comment. Hope you enjoy watching the results of this experiment....

thanks for sharing this material. I like what you posted thank you very much.

My pleasure. Hope it helps you... and others :)

I have gone without glasses for 2 years but have not been consistent with trying to fix my vision. I am up for the challenge! When does it start, I need some time to dive into your content!!!

Great stuff! I am busy making a film in Singapore at the moment but when I return in a week, we will begin the 60 days, which should give you enough time to watch through the preparation films. Please join the Facebook group to benefit from the power of a group experience.

Looking forward to see you there and all working together to make this a reality :)

Upvoted and bookmarked.

Greetings!! Glad to see you here. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. I did an eye exercise program some time ago, using light, refocusing at distances, moving the eyes to stretch the muscles. (my diet changes were few as I already eat a diet high in the nutrients you suggested). I am spending a lot more time on the computer which seems to put a lot of stress on my vision. I am totally down for beginning this program with you. Going now to listen to your videos. Thanks for being an intigator of well-being. Excited to see how this all unfolds.

Thank you again for your excellent post.

I would love to have perfect vision. Since childhood I was supposed to wear glasses full time, but I never wear them unless it is necessary for driving to see long distances.

You are the second person I have come across in the past month that talked about correcting your eyesight naturally. The other person achieved it just by changing his nutritional diet. He went through 3 changes of lens till he recovered 20/20 vision, and threw his glasses away. He still has perfect vision, and he is over 70 years old!

When I have time I look forward to following your videos. Now I don't have time to join the group, but thank you for sharing all of the instructional information above.

Moses had perfect vision when he was 120 years old. I believe the Scriptures, so I know it is possible if I have faith for it.

"And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated." (Deuteronomy 34:7)

Best regards

Many thanks for reminding me of this old post. I started a FB group almost a year ago now with the intention of helping as many people as I could whilst fixing my own myopia. But then I discovered Steemit!

I will be re-igniting this 'fire' here on Steemit in July and hope that you will join me in getting back what is rightfully yours - PERFECT vision :)

Many thanks for the comment and bible quote. Love it.

God is light. And is there for all to see, if only we knew how to look...

I am very excited to help people here on Steemit correct their vision both internally and externally.

Keep following for updates on this :)

Or let me know if you would like to be added to a list of people I can inform directly when we begin our 60 day healing process.

Thank you for inspirational words and the encouragement.

I can sense the goodness from God in your spirit from your initial video at your website. I haven't had the time to watch the rest yet.

Yes, if it is possible please contact me directly when you begin the sessions in July. Even though I am following your content, it is not easy to keep track of specific people's content here.