Your Immune System's Warfare Tactics

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I wrote my post "Why I came to welcome eczema" this week and I'm replying here @kiwideb, who was kind enough to leave me a supportive comment with a GAPS perspective:

Yes @kiwideb.  I linked an example case in the text of my post.  I see this OVER & OVER and over.  I think that suppression with steroids is a part of the process of producing autistic symptoms in many children.  It is either this scenario I see repeatedly or regression at about 18 months when children succumb to the cumulative toxicity of metals from vaccines, which they have been unable to clear [quite predictably these children have in common MTHFR or other gene snps that impact on their ability to methylate and excrete metals.]

Your Immune System's Warfare Tactics.

I visualise our immune system like a series of defensive concentric walls set up around a citadel: 

Our immune system will prioritize protection of our mind and brain ['the citadel'] above all else as throughout human history we'd die rapidly without our sanity to assist us in detecting danger, keeping safe and finding the resources we need to survive. 

Next, our immune system prioritizes protection of the single organs.  We don't have a spare heart or liver etc.  

After this, we are down to the areas of the body or double organs that can be compromised to some extent and for some time without instant death. We can limp along with a part of these systems working, or one of these duplicated organs.

Penultimately, we are down to the joints & muscles.  Death will come slower [nowadays not really at all] with a joint or muscular problem.  It has to get pretty severe.  

Finally, A skin problem like eczema or mucous membrane problem isn't really going to impede your survival much at all [survival, not comfort is your body's priority!]  You may succumb to infection but it is likely your immune system is pretty strong if you can keep your ill health at the skin level and protect the deeper organs and inner citadel. 

Your body is always using its UTMOST resources to push the imbalance out to the furthest point from the inner citadel. 


Steroid creams have the ability to smash down those walls and suppress the immune system so thoroughly that they force the body to drop back to a wall nearer the centre of the citadel.  
Most commonly we see asthma take over [lungs ... we have two of them], but it can be other disorders that come, depending upon where your predisposed weakness lies.  

If you read the side effects of steroid meds you'll get some idea of the distribution of predisposing conditions you can pick from [though, of course, you DON'T get to pick!]  This is why it doesn't always cause the problem in everyone.  

Now you have increasingly unmanageable asthma [and your eczema is 'cured' or you have 'grown out of it'].  It is really hard for people to manage this level of asthma without steroids ... so you get more steroids. 

If you successfully suppress asthma with these steroid asthma meds you'll begin to see behaviour problems like aggression and/or intense anxiety, descending into ADD, ADHD, ASD and even levels of psychosis. 

When we treat these deep mental health problems with homeopathy asthma resurfaces.   It was never 'cured' or 'grown out of'.  It was just SUPERSEDED by a deeper illness.  

Many children's development and life outcomes are very severely compromised by these medical interventions. 

Homeopathy can offer them a fairly rapid cure for the eczema in the first place.  

Homeopathy needs to be integrated into general medical practice, but it's unlikely to happen because, in part we don't understand how it works [that doesn't stop the medical folk!] and it is a big threat to Big Pharma's shareholders.  

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