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Knee Replacement Pain?  Nerve Damage after Surgery?  Pain Cause by Pain meds?

Where do you turn when you can’t take pain meds?

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I had rapid onset arthritis and within 6 months had to have my knee replaced. 

Kathleen told me via video call. She called some weeks after surgery. Her knee was swollen to twice its usual size. It was burning and red. Medicines hadn’t helped.

She had intense, cutting pain and her surgeon diagnosed surgical nerve damage, which she’d have to live with.  He gave her a SHORT course of Naproxen, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) & was reluctant to prescribe this because of her history of stomach ulcers. He gave her Omeprazole to protect her stomach from the NSAID. She was in great pain and running out of conventional alternatives.

I prescribed 3 doses of calendula 200c, each an hour apart and the swelling, burning heat and redness were gone by the morning. [I’ve found this to work rapidly in a number of similar cases].

The surgeon’s diagnosis made me doubt we’d be able to cure the cutting pain.  Mag phos will often resolve post-surgical pain but it didn’t help this time.  Nor did Hypericum, which would be my next suggestion. (A good remedy for pain remaining in surgical incision sites is Staphysagria).

We had a full consultation & I learned something remarkable about Kathleen. She had been extremely cold for more than 60 years, since having TB as a child.

I only have to move a tiny bit and my body goes so cold and tingly. Showering is awful. I have to have the room really hot & I still feel freezing when I undress.

It was something that was very difficult to live with.  Kathleen had a very deep sense of duty, held her feelings in and was unable to say no to other people’s wishes.   She had a lot of symptoms that pointed very clearly to a homeopathic remedy called Carbo animalis.

I gave her Carbo animalis 200c am & pm for one day. The cutting pain in the knee went! Great joy! I was expecting to hear how happy she was, but a while later she told me, very disappointed …

The pain is gone, but for one day I was warm, and now I’m cold again!

Photo by Eric Welch on Unsplash

When you suddenly see what is possible, the goalposts move!

We repeated the Carbo animalis 200c daily in water doses for a few months before she became consistently warm.

It would have been great if she’d discovered homeopathy earlier. With people who need this remedy, I see a medical history of heart stents fitted (as Kathleen has), stomach ulcers and Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia (Watermelon Stomach), and knee disorders.  This remedy is also associated with lymphatic & stomach cancers, so treating people as early as possible can have great benefits. Those benefits don’t just total the problems solved, but also the problems potentially avoided.

***** See this article for explanation of how we progress into deeper and deeper disease states and how to avoid doing so *****

I treat patients for pain when they can no longer use conventional drugs or suffer the ill effects of them.  Come for homeopathy first. 

NSAIDs can have terrible side effects.

Read Michael’s case of stomach ulcer caused by Naproxen.

John’s Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia (Watermelon Stomach) experience is the most dramatic. He was left incapacitated, with no solution, after Aspirin destroyed his stomach lining, yet he had to continue to take Aspirin to prevent blood sticking to his heart stents (he also recovered with Carbo animalis).

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Great case and excellent result! It’s such a shame when people tolerate conditions for such a long time when they can be addressed with homeopathy.


Yes, and when they are sent away with a medical, iatrogenic disease and told “there’s nothing we can do for you.” All three of the cases I’ve mentioned here were in that position. Washed up!

Well done for making her feel better! It must be awful to always feel cold :S


THanks @tanbay. Somewhat beats living the rest of your life in pain huh?
Yep, and we often find that when we resolve one thing another thing can gain our attention and want resolving.

Good for you helping people heal without the benefit of mainstream poisons


Thanks Mary. And the good thing is they are healing, not just standing still and trying to manage symptoms ❤️

That's great news. It's sad she had to suffer for a long time but at least now, she's doing well. Better late than never especially when it comes to health. I'm on Omeprazole myself but for prednisone (among other meds).


(((((Hug))))) pretty unavoidable in your case I’m guessing.