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Fetal growth in the first week / readiness
It is strange that you are not actually pregnant by the first or second week of pregnancy that the doctor has calculated! Enrichment actually takes place two weeks after your last cycle. Your doctor will determine your birth date at 40 weeks from the beginning of your last menstrual period. Your period will be counted within the pregnancy although you are not pregnant.
Fetal growth in the second week / readiness
Still unborn, the egg is fertilized by sperm by the end of this week.25498253_1940077009579184_4349190863889991735_n.jpg
Fetal growth in the third week / fertilization
The sperm and egg unite in one of the fallopian tubes to form the fertilized egg and the chromosomes. The sex of the fetus will be determined by the mother or daughter, and its characteristics are the color of the eyes, hair, personality and intelligence.

The fertilized egg will go to the uterus and divide into the mulberry cells.
Fetal growth by week 4 / implantation
The fertilized egg is implanted in the wall of the uterus and is divided into two parts, called the erythematous cyst. The internal section is the embryo's cells, its organs and the outer part to protect and nourish it. This week, the placenta also forms the baby's feed during pregnancy25591725_1940077059579179_544618100620686843_n.jpg
Fetal growth by week 5 / onset of embryonic period
The brain of the child, heart, spinal cord and other organs begins to form now, and the fetus will have three layers:

  • The outer layer of the skin (skin, eyes, ears, central nervous system, peripheral and many connective tissue).

  • Median medium: the heart of the child and circulatory system, which is the basis of the bones and muscles and kidneys and the majority of the child's reproductive system.

  • Inner layer (endometrium): The lungs, intestines and bladder of the child.
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    Fetal growth by week 6 / Your child's heart pumps blood
    Fast growth of the fetus this week, the neural tube closes and your child's heart pumps blood!

Your child's basic features will begin to appear, the passages that will form the ears and the inner braces will form the jaw, your child will start to form c, and those small buds will shape the arms and legs later.25498170_1940077106245841_2685643261766191844_n.jpg
Fetal growth by week 7 / Development of your baby's head
Your baby's brain and head develop rapidly, nose openings become visible, eye lenses are formed, arm buds now become paddles.

Finest this week your baby's size becomes slightly larger than the size of a pencil eraser head!
Fetal growth in week 8 / Your child's eyes are clear
The arms and legs are longer and the fingers are formed, the eyes can now be seen, the upper lip and nose are formed, and the baby's torso also.

By the end of this week your child will be about 11-14 mm
Fetal growth in the ninth week / development of bone
The hands grow and the bones and folds develop in the elbows and the toes are formed. The eyelids are formed and the ears grow.

By the end of this week your child reaches 20 mm!
Fetal development by week 10 / development of your baby's neck
Your baby's head is now more circular, the neck begins to develop, and the eyelids move to protect the eyes from around her25551987_1940077402912478_2429584234539586361_n.jpg
Fetal development in the eleventh week / genital development
Now officially called the fetus! Your baby's head is still half the length of the baby, but the rest of the body will soon grow. The red blood cells begin to form in the liver, and by the end of this week the outer parts of your child's reproductive system, penis, clitoris and labia are forming.

Now your child is 50 mm and weighs approximately 8 grams!25552181_1940077556245796_5581651066252525501_n.jpg
Fetal growth in the twelfth week / development of nails
Now your child has human features and develops nails

Now your child is 60 mm and weighs approximately 14 grams!
Thus, you have completed the first three months of pregnancy and become safely - to a large extent - abortions.25592079_1940077689579116_4710926076025294623_n.jpg
Fetal growth week 13 / Urine formation
When you enter the fourth month, the placenta develops to provide your baby with oxygen and nutrients, and produces estrogen and progesterone hormones needed to stabilize the pregnancy.

The intestine is made up of your baby's belly and will be able to form urine and discharge it into the surrounding fluid.25507801_1940077709579114_5033609438714983518_n.jpg
Fetal growth by week 14 / fetal sex is evident
This week, some hair grows on your child's face and on his entire body. This is called hairy hair and is soft without color. He stays on his body until he falls before birth.

Genitals are also complete, although they will not be obvious when ultrasound is detected. The ovaries and ovaries are also formed in girls. The thyroid gland is also complete and begins to produce hormones.

Now your child weighs about 45 grams (9 cm)19059049_1940077749579110_4791914625542340128_n.jpg
Fetal development week 15 / skeletal development
Your baby's skin is constantly evolving and is thin enough to see the blood vessels through it. The eyebrows and head hair continue to grow, and the ears are getting closer to the right position, but slightly lower.

The skeleton continues to develop and can move its mouth, head, hands, arms, legs and feet.25550086_1940077916245760_4791790877315554428_n.jpg
Fetal development week 16 / Your baby can suck
Your child can now make his head erect, and the muscles of his face develop so that he can bend his eyebrows and stare at his eyes! Your child's movements are consistent and he can suck his thumb

It weighs 110 grams and is 10 cm long25659596_1940077922912426_7198786592550578408_n.jpg
Fetal growth week 17 / Fat accumulation
Fat stores begin to develop under your child's cuddle and will keep him warm after birth25592020_1940077949579090_1336292356451462024_n.jpg
Fetal development week 18 / Hearing starts
The ears are positioned in the correct position on both sides of the head and the child can now hear them like the heartbeat and the movement of blood around him. He may be affected by what surrounds you. He may be disturbed by the sound of the doorways or by some sounds, from here he begins his communication and his connection with his voice and the voice of his father!

You can also see the front, not the sides, and you may see the light of a flashlight if you throw it on your belly!

It weighs 200 grams and is 14 cm long25498497_1940077982912420_5574976262332407686_n.jpg
Fetal growth by week 19 / Cuneiform coating is formed
The baby's waxy casing is made up of cheesecake, which protects your baby's sensitive skin from being exposed to a wound, stiffness, or any effect of the amniotic fluid around it.

For girls, the womb and vagina may begin to form this week.24909707_1940078016245750_7980996491940474316_n.jpg
Fetal development by week 20 / midway
By the fifth month you can feel your baby's first movements and kicks, and if you are pregnant before you may be able to feel his first movements a few weeks ago.25552249_1940078032912415_4782106815751321338_n.jpg
Fetal development week 21 / can swallow
Your child is now preparing to gain more weight and becomes more active and able to swallow

The bone marrow begins producing blood cells instead of the liver, spleen and even birth.25498218_1940078076245744_5066603994827606989_n.jpg
Fetal development by week 22 / Baby hair becomes visible
Your baby's hair appears on the eyebrows and the rest of his body, and it helps to stabilize the cystic cover on the child.25348550_1940078096245742_2228779950365862938_n.jpg
Fetal growth at week 23 / forms fingerprints
The baby's skin is wrinkled and becomes more transparent than before. It is a pinkish color. Rapid eye movements begin, the tongue develops taste buds, fingerprints are formed by the hands and feet, and the boys drop the testicles. The girls complete the uterus and the ovaries completely with the oocytes forming for the entire life of the girl.25550337_1940078302912388_8718932048098017668_n.jpg
Fetal growth week 24 / real hair growth
Your baby sleeps and wakes up, and his real hair grows now.

It weighs 630 grams and is 21 cm long25507819_1940078389579046_3640522137002877909_n.jpg
25 weeks fetal development / fetal ability to hear your voice!
You may now notice the most waking periods, your child's activity and periods of calm, hearing your child continue to develop and now he may be able to hear your voice!25659265_1940078399579045_4925875953222490593_n.jpg
Fetal growth week 26 / Curly skin
Your baby weighs less than 1 kilo now and his body is still curly but in the coming weeks he will gain the weight.
Fetal development by week 27 / chance of life after birth is possible
Now the shape of the fetus is closer to its shape after birth only smaller, and the liver, immune system and lungs still need to develop, but if the baby is born at this stage the chance of survival is great.
Fetal development week 28 / Eyes of the child partially open
The eyelids of your baby are beginning to appear partially open and have formed eyelashes.

The child now reaches 25 cm and weighs 1 kg, and the chance of survival if he is born now is 90%25594301_1940078549579030_8418341904467199092_n.jpg
Fetal growth by week 29 / Complete baby bones
This week, fetal bones were completed in fetal development but still soft and flexible.25508072_1940078562912362_1950790938012521954_n.jpg
Fetal growth 30 week / week Your baby is fully open
He can open his eyes for a considerable period of time in full, as well as his head hair grows more, and red blood cells are now produced in the bone marrow.

It weighs up to 1300 g for a length of 27 cm25498419_1940078602912358_8862432945072702536_n.jpg
Fetal growth week 31 / Continued development of the nervous system
The nervous system matures in your child's system so that he can control the temperature.
Fetal development by week 32 Your child is exercising
Although his lungs have not fully matured, he is practicing and breathing. His nails are now visible, and he begins to absorb minerals like calcium and calcium from the bowel. The soft hair that covered your child's body in the past weeks - hair - is now starting to fall.25594140_1940078659579019_6852035529835007160_n.jpg
Growth of the fetus week 33 / Sense of light
Your baby is now affected by his ability to sense and reveal light through the layer of the mother's skin, and may expand or shrink to his extreme curiosity!25994520_1940078676245684_8930480351508231620_n.jpg
Fetal growth 34 weeks / nails are completed
Now cover fingernails fingernails.

The cheesecake that covers the entire baby is now about to thicken and become more intense25551926_1940078722912346_1156665734808619491_n.jpg
Fetal growth by week 35 / begins rapid weight gain
The limbs become fuller and larger and become able to gain weight quickly, about 320 grams each week than the rest of the pregnancy25594257_1940078729579012_6556590137460462648_n.jpg
Fetal growth week 39 / Placenta provides antibodies
The placenta provides antibodies that protect your baby from infection after birth. Of course, breastfeeding-feeding supports the baby's immunity more and more25659322_1940078789579006_1746798707328348741_n.jpg

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