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Unicef, who started the campaign to save every child in Bangladesh, has to invest more in the health care sector to achieve this goal.

Unicef's campaign has been emphasized in the safety of the newborn because most of the deaths of children under five years of age are within one month of age. organized a roundtable meeting with the United Nations Organization on Wednesday to "save each newborn: need-based commitment" in the National Press Club The health minister, Mohammad Nasim, promised to add his party's commitment to bring down the rate of child mortality in Awami League's election manifesto in the next national election.

Sengupta, Deputy Representative Division of UNICEF Bangladesh, said he is hopeful that their campaign will play an important role in ensuring the security of the politicians in the country.

Responding to the question of Towfiq Imroz Khalidi, Editor-in-Chief of the Round Table Discussion, she said 'much more' will be done to achieve the goal of child protection.

The United Nations Children's Association has helped in setting up units related to neonatal care units in many hospitals of Bangladesh and many Upazila Health Complexes.

Toufiq Khalidi asked these questions to reduce child mortality rates.

Maya Vandenant, head of UNICEF's health department in Bangladesh, said, "Investments in the services center are really complex issues."

He said that 30 percent of the newborn's death is possible by reducing the use of special newborn care units, those units are being prepared in different hospitals.

They are discussing with the government about setting up more such units in Bangladesh, he said.

It is being done to ensure the availability of services for all children of every district.

However, many mothers of Bangladesh are still giving birth to their children in the home.

Referring to the example of a tea worker, she said, "Our skilled birth attendants should take them near them and they should understand how important it is to go to the health center. Quality of service is also very important. "

Seema Sengupta said that they are giving the most importance to the political commitment of child protection.

"It is not a matter of which party is in power. This commitment has come for Bangladesh government from the government of Bangladesh. It's very common. And that's what we need, "he said with his campaign.

UNICEF Bangladesh Health Department Manager Ziaul Matin thanked the Government of Bangladesh for its efforts to reduce the infant mortality rate.

He said Bangladesh has done this before the start of the campaign in the world.

"We started this in February. Bangladesh has already started this campaign nationally. "

Talking about the allocation of 300 crore taka for the protection of the newborn, she said, "In this case, Bangladesh is far ahead of other countries."

Responding to this question, he said, "We have at least some of them."

However, Bangladesh is still concerned about the birth of the baby born in Bangladesh, he said. 83 thousand dead babies are born in Bangladesh every year.

Excerpt Toufiq Imroz Khalidi, while presenting the example of a couple, who left the country after the birth of the deceased twice and started living in a Western country. He wants to know why.

In response UNICEF's health manager said, Bangladesh still has a question about quality services. Bangladesh is lagging behind

"We need to invest more in healthcare centers to ensure quality."

After the birth, she also mentioned the necessity of child organs testing

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