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Do not like to eat milk? There are more ways to get calcium.

Milk is an important source of calcium, but the number of people who do not like to drink it is not low. Many people can not digest 'lactose intolerant' ie milk and dairy products.

According to nutrition science, a list of foods that contains calcium, besides milk, is given below.

Seed Food

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These contain plenty of calcium, along with proteins. To meet the demand of calcium, you can add dietary foods to the vegetable foods.



Sardines and salmon are the ideal source of calcium. You can eat whites, grills or bar-b-quotes.

Tropical almond

Keep an eye on the quantity of nut food. You can eat nuts directly or can make cottadam milk in the house. A nut nut or one-glass nuts-milk is very nutritious.


Although hard to believe, the oatmeal is also calcium cooked in water. However, the quantity is slightly smaller. So you can also keep it in daily diet.


This is the result of not only vitamin C, but also calcium. But the orange juice is destroyed by its calcium. So eat it directly from Mars.

Soy milk

Ideal alternative milk for those who do not digest milk. It contains more protein and calcium than the actual milk. With breakfast cereal, tea and coffee can be cooked even by making yogurt.


green leafy vegetables (2).jpg
You can get almost 100 milligrams of calcium from the amount of vegetables you eat once you eat it. So to eat calcium deficiency regularly eat vegetables and vegetables.


Sesame can be added to add to the spicy food. A table-teaspoon is about 88 milligrams of calcium. Sesame can be mixed with vegetables, salad and bread in everything.
To keep the right function of calcium in the body, adequate vitamins D. So, along with calcium, there is a need to ensure adequate vitamin D from food and sunlight.

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