The body that does not touch 7 places

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You can give your body the hand wherever you want. However, according to the expert of health experts, stay away from trying to touch 7 of your body.

Know that the 7 places prohibited touching specialists-

Do not put your hands in the mouth. According to a study by the British Journal of Applied Microbiolology, people working on average 23.6 times per hour or around the face of the person, under an unconscious mind, do work. Especially, during boredom time. Again, when too busy, at least 6.3 times the hand goes around the face. The germs go away from the finger inside the mouth.

Not in the hands of the ear: Do not push the ears with the finger, and even try not to trick through anything else in the ear. Because, a little bit of the screen inside the ear can be torn if it is slightly ceded.

Do not put your hands on your cheeks: It is better to not put hand on your face, except for the washing of face or cream with soap or face. Because the hands are not only germ, but also oil. If you put a hand on your face or face repeatedly, the skin can cause hazards due to the trunk of the skin. Use clean handkerchief for cleaning sweat or face.

Not to be seen in the eye: Ophthalmology expert Kimberly Kakarham's advice, do not give in the morning without washing your eyes while washing the mouth or contact lenses. The germs that are in your hands can easily be seen. If you need to have hands in your eye, then only hands should be given to your hands.

Do not touch the nose: In 2006, a report published on research on nose, ears and throat patients published 'Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology'. It is claimed that the presence of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in their nasal increased by 51% in those who empty their noses.

The skin below the nail: The many hazardous bacteria of the nest is the right side of the nose, especially the toe nails. Bacteria nested with nails under the nails, bacteria also nestles. So it is better to clean the nails with empty hands, brush them with anything. Do not cut the nails for the same reason. If the nails are large, the number of bacteria will also increase. So do not let the nails grow, cut, intelligent work.

Do not scratch the back: Because of the worms worn on the anus, many have pumped. It is best not to do it. If unnecessarily hands-on hands, it can be reversed. Because the anus is not just sensitive, many other harmful bacteria are also domesticated. The bacteria can move away from the body when it is patchy. Do not forget to clean your hands with soap well, if any time you put hands on anus.


This study by the British Journal of Applied Microbiology is a fear maker for I don't know what... they probably selling some sanitizer or soap after all. These "advises" are ridiculous or straight out false... and the reasons I had to go for the thumbs down.

Do not be afraid of your body and his functions, As long as you are cleaning yourself properly and in your daily way wash your hands regularly with soap when needed, you will not be attacked by what so ever...

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