Eat too chips? Be careful!

in #health6 years ago

You're going to rotate somewhere, at the same time there will be a potato chips packet. If you do not eat potato chips or popcorn in the movie, then what is the meaning of seeing the picture!

In no way do not be missed - in the morning, afternoon, with tea in the afternoon, or at night, when eating food or when drinking cold drinks with potato chips. When you asked for money, bought it from the store and ate it. However, the trend of eating potato chips in the market is very different among the little kids.

But, as you know, the market is in the midst of the yummy chips, a kind of chemical element that can cause cancer like dementia.

A recent sensational information has emerged from the Swedish National Food Authority in a study. Acrylamide (acryl amide) is a naturally organized chemical compound that is capable of forming a compound when it is rich in carbohydrates in cereals or vegetables and is heated in high levels. The Swedish researchers gave the opinion that this chemical compound has a special role to reduce the life expectancy of the human body, as it also helps in increasing cancer cells.

We all know that potatoes are rich in high starch vegetables or grains. This potato is made of thin slices of excess salt and is used in high temperature to save it after roasting in deep oil. As a result, its food grains are completely destroyed. Not only this, in this method, the packeted potato chips produce acrylamide national harmful chemical compounds.

Multiple nutritionists in the world also agree with this interpretation. Now the question may arise - So do the silk potato fry now can not be eaten due to dementia cancer?

According to Nutritionists, potatoes made at home can be eaten fried. But nothing is better to eat excessively.

However, many people say that there are problems in processing potato chips, which are packaged and used for long-term processing purposes.


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