Do you have fungus on the nails and scalp? ... Use the Creolina - Know their benefits.

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The creolin is a natural disinfectant that is extracted from the dry distillation of wood. Through the vapors that are released in the distillation process, you get vegetable turpentine (also known as termite, is a volatile and colorless liquid), leaving in the container a dark mass called creosote (thick, viscous and caustic oil), which is composed mainly of carbolic acid and cresylic acid. The creolin is a very powerful disinfectant that is used to prepare different products intended to disinfect and clean. Among the most frequent uses we have:

  • Cleans and disinfects floors of sheds, factories, workshops, bathrooms, chicken coops, hatcheries.

  • It is also used topically as insecticide and parasiticide of livestock animals, acting against bacteria, ticks and fungi, even treats minor wounds and inflammations thereof.

  • Eliminates the proliferation of microorganisms or unpleasant odors.


In addition to being an excellent disinfectant, many people say that creolin has positive effects to eliminate fungus on the scalp and nails.

Creolina for the scalp

It has been used for a long time as a home remedy to eliminate lice. Due to its disinfectant and cleaning properties, creolin is very effective for hair growth, since it efficiently removes hair fat, fungi or bacteria, cleaning the scalp, allowing proper stimulation and hair growth.


It can be used in the following way:

  • Place a shampoo amount in your hand, then add 2 drops of creolina, mix it and apply it to your hair, leave it for 10 minutes, if you wish, you can put on a thermal cap. After time you wash your hair with plenty of water. The creolin has a too strong smell, so it is advisable to wash again with shampoo without creolina. Another method is to add 5 drops of creolin to your shampoo and shake it to mix well, you can also add vitamin E (5 capsules) and honey. These methods should only be applied 2 times a week.

  • We also have the creolina soap, its presentation is practical and safe since it is designed for human use. To apply, moisten the soap and rub it through the scalp massaging and remove it with plenty of water.

The results are fantastic, the hair feels soft, it grows, it looks much brighter, healthier and without split ends.

Creolina for nail fungus

If you suffer the unpleasant effects of the fungus on your feet, you have probably heard all kinds of remedies. But the one that causes most controversial is the creolina. Carbolic acid and cresylic acid are substances that kill fungi as soon as they come into contact with them.


The creolin is able to penetrate the nails achieving: kill the fungi and their spores, prevents the spread of infection, disinfects the tissue and reduces inflammation. There are several ways to apply it, the most used are:

  • In pure form: Wet a hyssop and apply it to the affected nail.

  • In bath form: In 2 liter of water add 100 ml of creolin. It is advisable to heat the water a bit before applying it, but without boiling the water, so that it does not release vapors, soak the feet for 15 minutes and usually at night. It is not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

In a couple of weeks results will be observed.

Against indications

  • It is not recommended for breastfeeding women, pregnant women and young children.

  • It is forbidden to people suffering from liver, kidney, serious infectious diseases and chronic diseases in the acute phase.

  • If you notice redness in the skin, rash, itching, burning or some type of discomfort, suspend its use.

  • Creolina is highly toxic in large quantities, therefore, excessive or domestic use is harmful to health.

  • It can not be used for very long periods.

I hope this information will be very helpful.

Until a next publication.

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