Kidney stone benefit of tulsi leaves.

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Tulsi leaf contains several medicinal properties and the ability to cure diseases. This tulsi leaf is used as a medicine for a small number of diseases. Today, the use of tulsi leaves as a remedy for 5 physical problems.

1).Throat pain: If you have a hot water or boiled in a hot water, you will get scalp pain quickly.

2.Cough and cough: Cough-cough is a very common problem in almost every season, which hurts everyone. If you get rid of this problem, swallow the tissue leaves for 5 minutes. Then you will get the solution easily from this problem.

3).Skin problems: The easiest and most effective component of acne problems on the skin is the tulsi leaf. In addition to this, Tulsi leaves is very effective in various allergic problems. These problems are greatly reduced by making tulsi leaf paste and putting on the skin.
4).Fever: Tulsi leaves will protect you from most diseases that are fever. If you drink boiled water in tea, you can prevent malaria, dengue etc. from diseases. If any of your family feeds, then pour cold leaves and cold tea mixed with cinnamon leaves. Fever can be removed faster

5).Kidney problem: Tulsi leaves can solve many problems of kidneys. If tulsi leaf juice can be eaten by one-glass every day, the chances of becoming a kidney in the kidneys are greatly reduced. If the kidney stays in the stomach, then when the Tulsi leaves juice can be eaten for 6 months, then the stone goes out with urine.

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