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 ★Planting borrows★

Kargarnakki has been cultivating as an advanced breed for a long time. Now there are a number of varieties. Cultivation of bara Select the necessary climate and soil Species of potato | The time of the cultivation of baraat Land of cultivation and seed sowingimages (10).jpg

★Hybrid berry cultivation★

Successful cultivation of hybrid varieties of successful farmer's farming. Farmers have made huge success by cultivating Mirsharai hybrid varieties of Chittagong. Two of them are native and hybrid. Now the country boro is cultivated more. At present, the farmers sell their kerosene as wholesale.The variety
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   ★Barberry disease★

All articles related to certain diseases and remedies can be found in this article. Sapling and powdery milieu. Remedies for neglecting plants - * To destroy infectious trees. * Be sure to clean seed before planting with Vitvox / BadistineLand of cultivation and seed sowing Applying fertilizer to the cultivation of bara-bot Irrigation irrigation water extraction Weed and weeding of bara cultivation Disease of Barberry Cultivation - Pest Managemenimages (11).jpg


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