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If you already decided and want to start doing physical activity every day, congratulations! You have taken the first step towards a new lifestyle. The next thing to do is to maintain that enthusiasm until you create and strengthen the exercise habit, so that you do not end up postponing your training or abandoning it definitively. These 5 tips will help you achieve it.

1. Start today

It is one thing to make the decision to start exercising and quite another to carry it out. Do not leave it for "next Monday" or when you have time. Take advantage of the peak of enthusiasm and start today. It does not matter if you only stretch or take a walk.

2. Know your limits

If you are not used to exercising, do not ever start with a crossfit class or any other high intensity training, because the next day you will feel so sore and tired that you will not come back. Start little by little: walk, stretch, do low impact cardio and gradually increase your routine according to your limits. Listen to your body.

3. Find something you enjoy

Many people get bored while running or prefer team sports than individual training. Finding a physical activity that you really enjoy is essential for you to be constant in it. There are many things you can do; Find one that really excites you.

4. Do not give up

Make the purpose of staying constant regardless of your commitments, schedules or unforeseen events. Accustom your body and your mind to need exercise and incorporate it into your everyday life. Thus, spending a day without training will seem as impossible as spending a day without eating or sleeping.

5. Do not get obese with the results

If you expect to see results in a few days, you will surely end up discouraged and that may lead you to leave your routine. Be patient; It takes a few months for the results to be truly visible to the naked eye. The good news is that the effects of exercise on your health and mood are immediate.


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