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When food supplements appeared on the market, mainly as multivitamins, people were fascinated with the idea of obtaining essential nutrients and properties compressed in a capsule or tablet, it was the food of the future!

However, the boom in food supplements led to a huge supply of products, many of which promise impossible results and could even cause adverse or harmful effects on our body. That is why we present this top 5 supplements that really work and do not compromise your health; On the contrary, its effectiveness has been proven by experts

1. Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid present in the body whose function is directly linked to metabolic tasks such as energy recovery, the increase of muscle mass and the transport of nitrogen in the body. The latter makes it a very important auxiliary in the synthesis of proteins and in the development of antibodies. If you are a high performance athlete or you are starting a protein diet, we recommend you try Forzagen, the favorite of trainers and gyms.

2. Probiotics

More than a nutritional supplement, probiotics are the bacteria responsible for much of the health of our body. All people have a microbiota, a complex bacterial system that is closely related not only to our digestive but also neurological functions, and to our immune response. Products like Senex guarantee the recovery of the balance of your microbiota and, therefore, your health.

3. Ginseng

Ginseng has been used in the East for thousands of years as an elixir against fatigue, poor memory, stress and bad mood. Even as a sexual stimulant, although it has been proven that this is mainly due to its relaxing effects. The ideal dose is a daily vial, and one of the most reliable brands that market it is Sanjing.

4. Omega 3

One of the most important fatty acids for our body and whose deficiency is associated with fatigue, loss of memory, bad mood and premature aging. It is proven that omega 3 capsules are a safe supplement for people of all ages, that does not interfere with any medication or is contraindicated in any condition or disease; On the contrary, the whole family can take it and enjoy its benefits. In Harmonía we recommend those sold by Protein World.

5. Coconut oil

This product, more than a supplement, is a superfood. Coconut oil has hundreds of health benefits: it improves the skin, nails, hair and even bone tissues of bones and teeth; In addition, it helps regulate metabolism and digestion, so it fights obesity, cholesterol and hypertension. Do you want to start testing it? This CNG is a great option.


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