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Leaving your partner unsatisfied is a sexual offence, one that can lead to infidelity. Here’s how to supercharge your sex drive.

You’re worried about having a low libido, you find it difficult to satisfy your partner in bed, i want to tell you this, "you are not alone" – a reduced sex drive is a common problem for men and women.

In fact, a whopping 50% of women suffer from sexual problems like a loss of arousal and not being able to orgasm.

Also, a fifth of guys experience a waning sex drive at some point in their lives.

Luckily, foods like oysters and chocolates will help to increase your sex drive. But if you're still struggling, Lianne Young, a qualified nutritionist and sex therapist, has revealed that all you need is a little bit of avocado.


“A healthy libido is crucial for great mind blowing sex”
Lianne Young She explained, “Energy foods are fantastic for raising energy levels and of course a healthy libido is crucial for great mind-blowing sex – avocados can give you both."

“They’re loaded with minerals, monounsaturated fats which help protect the heart and are full of vitamin B6 which help keep your energy and sex drive up, helping you last longer”

So if you’re planning on cooking your loved ones a romantic meal, it's recommended throwing an avocado into the menu.

Think beyond the thrust. On average, men thrust for about 3-7min before it's game over. However, research shows this isn't enough time to arouse most women. Stretch out your performance with clever positioning

“Avocados are also a source of Omega 3, which will boost your mood and make you feel even more eager for the bedroom,” she added.

“Great food, great sex and also the added health benefits.

Avocados also contain a trio of heart healthy nutrients – vitamin E, a key antioxidant to help maintain healthy cells; potassium to help reduce high blood pressure and counteract the effect of salt, and beta sitosterol, a phytochemical which helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Not only this, it will also help to maintain a healthy circulation which is necessary to supply nutrients and oxygens to all parts of your body, including your sexual organs.



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