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Hey guys today's blog about kapalbhati the life saving yoga .Hope this will help you to stay healthy.2.jpg


It is a breathing exercise to keep your mind and body healthy


  1. seat in a straight position with bent legs .If it is not comfortable with bent legs you can sit in a chair keeping your back straight.

2)Rest your hand in knees and palm should face down.(If you sit in a chair ,otherwise palm should face upward.)

3)Now inhale deeply through both nostrils

4)Exhale the breath with both nostrils and keep this continue for 5 minutes with 50-60 contractions per minute.

5)After 5 minutes exercise inhale deeply through nostril and exhale through mouth

Practice this exercise daily in empty stomach will keep you fresh and healthy all the day.

1)Avoid if you have HBP.

2)Heart problem

3)Hernia,asthama or any respirtory problem.

4)Pregnant women should avoid kapalbhati.

5)You could also visit you tube for proper guidance .

Practicing kapalbhati will bring mental and spiritual change within you.Thank you for reading.


Great post. We're all taught how to walk, think, swim or eat but what about breathing?! Get back to basic! So when referring to 50-60 contractions, you mean contraction of the diaphragm? Wasn't sure...

Yeah you are right ..

It was nice the way you presented..

Thank you brother

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