Juice feast DAY 21 — refreshing green juice!

in health •  7 months ago

Half a gallon of green juice for “breakfast”.

  • Celery,
  • cilantro,
  • cucumbers,
  • fennel,
  • 1 green apple,
  • 2 lemons,
  • 5 cucumbers, and
  • half of a jalapeño.

The taste is light, mild, hardy, and so refreshing!! :) I also enjoyed a healthy dose of SUN earlier!! Processed some emotions, cried a lot of it out (felt awesome!), and feeling so good in my heart. Gunna do a light workout soon. What a great day!


Thank you! :)

It is my wish to serve you with these words.

Some info about me: I've been involved with Bitcoin since 2010. By trade I am an expert on blockchain technology. I am the Project Director for Wall of Coins, and CEO for Genitrust, Inc. I eat primarily fruits and leafy greens ("fruitarian"). This is known as a frugivorous diet, which is the diet by design of the human species and most primates. I don't cook my fruits, so you may also call this "raw vegan". I have eaten virtually every food item and major cultural style on this planet. I have experienced long periods of many different diet regimens: acid/alkaline, ketogenic, vegan, etc. In my spare time as a child, and an adult, I truly relished reading articles, books, and research papers on nutritional observation. I also enjoy and frequently practice long periods of juice fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.

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Robert Genito
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Happy to say hello and read you partner, always informing us of the best juices for our body, grateful for your work.
They are an excellent source of natural energy.
They improve digestion, due to its high amount of fiber.
They strengthen the immune system.
They improve the appearance of the skin and skin.
They develop concentration and memory.
They are a source of antioxidants.
They reduce cravings.
They diminish the retention of liquids. Thanks and blessings for you.


Thank you for the list of benefits! Very good for anyone reading this :)

Hello friend @robertgenito I'm glad to see you again here, I hope you're having a great day, go half a gallon of juice for breakfast? sounds very good, since your last post I have greatly increased the drink or the juices and that helped me in a great way, I'm glad you feel this way, crying will always be a great relief it's never bad to get all those feelings but the most important is that you are very well physically and sentimentally, greetings...


Great!!! Thank you for commenting :)

Hello friend, how are you? how have you been? I just have all those ingredients in my fridge now, tomorrow I will make a great refreshing juice Jajajaj I have drunk a lot of juice and I have obtained some of the results that you mentioned in the previous post but I have not lost weight and that does not bother me, I have I have been able to sleep and I have felt with great energy and that is great always grateful to you, friend: D


Thank you and I am very happy to hear about your sleep <3 did you ever do a juice fast? :)


Thank you very much, in fact I made the juice today with the ingredients and it was very good, I will wait for more recipes of your own hahaha

Happy evening dear friend this green juice recipe looks complete and refreshing for our body. Green juices have become fashionable thanks to the combination of the properties of vegetables and fruits that benefit the organism in a single drink.

Hello friend, it's a pleasure to read you again, these juices are very favorable for us. Green juices have vitamins like C, E, carotenoids and flavonoids, present in the plants with which green juice is prepared. It also provides minerals and enzymes that keep the body healthy.


Thank you :) it is so hard to believe so many are so sincere and loving towards me! Thank you <3

good post friend, the green juice has many incredible benefits