You Will Be Killed - Sugar Will be Your Killer

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The title may be rather bold, but unless we make drastic changes to our diets, and in the near future, this could very well be the case for the majority of us.

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We now have the data to prove that sugar is indeed, a killer. Many things can be harmful in excess, and sugar, taken in small amounts, is probably okay. One of the big problems with sugar, however, is that it is in the majority of the food and drinks that we consume. At least 74% of all packaged foods are spiked with sugar. Most people probably know that items like salad dressing and barbecue sauce have added sugar, but did you know that hamburger buns and even hamburger meat usually has added sugar?

Diabetes rates have skyrocketed in the US (and abroad), with HALF of all Americans either having Diabetes, or being at high risk for it. If half of the US population had committed suicide, or were at high risk to, we would be appalled, yet we seem to just accept what sugar is doing to us, in the forms of Diabetes, heart disease, and even now, some suspect, Alzheimer's Disease. Obviously, sugar is also one of the primary causes of obesity, so you can add high blood pressure, stroke, gallbladder and liver diseases, osteoarthritis, gynecological problems such as infertility, respiratory problems, sleep apnea and colon, breast and endometrial cancers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to the list of diseases that your sweet tooth may bring you.

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Half of the teenagers in the US consume, on average, 30-41 teaspoons of sugar per day. That's many times what is considered 'moderate,' and some even dispute if what is considered moderate, is too high. When we're seeing Diabetes in children under 10 years of age, and heart disease in teenagers, they're obvious signs that we have an insidious killer in our midst. We do, and it's name is SUGAR!

Food companies use at least 56 different terms to try and disguise the sugar added to our food; names like Sucrose, Agave, Wheat Bran, Treacle, Dextrane, Pyridoxine, Muscorando, Vitamin A Palmitate, and all the rest, but make no mistake, it's all sugar, and it's killing you.

From 1982, until 2012, we increased our consumption of processed foods in the US, from 11.6%, to 22.9%. Yes, we doubled our consumption of processed foods, and the cases of Diabetes are keeping pace. In 2012 alone, we spent $254 billion in treating Diabetes, with the costs rising every year.

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With all other factors staying the same, consuming just one can of soda per day, increases your change of getting Diabetes by a staggering 29%!!

Dr. Cristin Keans, DDS, discovered many documents from The Great Western Sugar Company, and we now know, with undeniable proof, that the sugar industry has used the same playbook as the tobacco industry to try and hide the truth about their deadly product.

The work of Dr. John Ludkin ('Pure, White and Deadly') provided data that showed us as far back as the 1960's that sugar was a very dangerous product, at least when it's being consumed in large doses.

Although there is enough information about sugar, and especially the deadly effects, to write books, I'll leave you with this: The average American now consumes between 150, and 170 pounds of sugar every year. So, unless you curb your sugar intact, and in a big way - You Will Be Killed, and Sugar Will be Your Killer!!

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We share the same opinion on sugar... people in the US consume crazy amounts and do not realize the negative outcome on our health. Great post, thank you!


You're welcome, and yeah, 150 - 170 pounds per year is insane!!

As people say, sugar - it's white death

Very true, i don't think people realise how much sugar is in our every day items


Yep, it's not just the obvious items.

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