Lucid Dreaming | And What Is It | Part 1

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                              What is Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is the power of being able to be conscious and being able to take control of your dreams. 

Lucid Dreaming is like living an alternate life and it's just as real, you'll be able to hear, smell, taste and feel as if you were awake.

                 When Does Lucid Dreaming Occur

Lucid Dreaming start's when you realize you're dreaming and your brain switches on the parts that usually  switch off when you go to sleep, and when you realize your in a dream your brain turns on while dreaming which causes you to be awake while dreaming.

This gives you the power to control what happens in your dream, you could even fly!


                 Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous 

Short answer is no.

Lucid Dreaming has no Dangers, it's just being awake while dreaming in your own mind and actually have lots of benefits.


Since you are taking control of your dreams if you have a problem with nightmares you can make it all go away in one snap of a finger.

Well Lucid Dreaming you can practice skills as if you were awake and practicing in real life. 

Increasing your creativeness.

Theses are just a few of the many Benefits Lucid Dreaming has.


Lucid dreaming is an amazing tool with many benefits and I think we should use this tool.

I think it could really help some people, or even if you just want to have some fun.

Hope you enjoyed reading and learned something.


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Awesome post , keen to read the other parts bro :)

Good post👍

Lucid dreaming is awesome. I actually wrote a post about this once. It's really crazy, but difficult to learn