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Yo yo my Esteemed Steemers, hope you're all doing well today!
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OK, let's attempt to write this shit down since I started it and it seems like some of you are even interested in this kind of stuff.


Those who read my first and second post- about microdosing LSD might wonder why these posts aren't coming day after day. My initial approach to microdosing LSD was to take the dose 7 consecutive days, but after day 2 I decided to space it out a bit in order to not get any tolerance to the dose.

Now, I read some stories from people who microdosed on regular day after day, that you can eventually find a dose where you get the effect and not build tolerance at the same time. Anyways, this time I am approaching it in a spaced out way. Next time, I will try to make the whole week and compare the effects to this whole experience.

I am writing this post on my fifth microdose, which is the strongest by far. I was eyeballing the doses, so I guess there are slight differences between all of them. Before I started writing this post, I was procrastinating for like half an hour, listening to music and rolling around my mats doing some mobility exercise free-flows, which, I must admit, feels awesome at the moment. So, I am not sure about productivity at this slightly higher dose, but I am definitely sure about its massively enjoyable effects.

Let's start with the body - like I mentioned in my previous posts, I can feel my body being more plastic, less "biological". I have this "artificial" feeling right around my chest, which makes every breath weirdly euphoric.

Actually, BREATHING. Roughly an hour before, I did 3 sets of Wim Hof Method, which is a really easy and at the same time powerful breathing exercise. For those of you who are not familiar, I strongly recommend checking this out. Just google Wim Hof breathing method, or wait for me to make a whole post about it ;) This breathing exercise is very enjoyable at all the times, but, as everything, it is even more fun on this stuff.

Psychologically, I feel very light. Although I have a lot of things to do and a lot of shit to plan up, it's all good and I am very confident in managing all of those. Consistency is the key and I know I got the mind power to remain consistent in the pursue of things that I want for myself and for others around me. Step by step. Win is inevitable.

LSD MICRODOSING - First conclusion

I will not go deeper into the little details of the other LSD microdosage days here, but I would like to summarize my feelings about this approach and this drug in general.

First of all, I would like to happily say that all the talk and hype about LSD being the best nootropic out there is now totally understandable to me. Now I realize, that this is one the most powerful tools I encountered so far and it makes me feel ecstatic to know about it and be able to use it.

When I think back, I was always looking for something to help me with a number of things. For example, I know I got a little problem with overthinking and being slightly anxious because of it. When I microdose this stuff, I can think about everything the same way as normal, but I feel like I am able to pick and choose thoughts that I want to explore more and discard those that only come in the way. Thus, the thinking process becomes smoother and more enjoyable for me.

Also, what makes me really excited about microdosing LSD is that I feel like laughing is more "real" now. One could argue that "Wtf dude, so you need to microdose LSD to laugh?". No, I am able to laugh being sober too. But with this stuff, it seems like it brings some of the child-like type of laughter back into you, it just feels a little deeper and more real. Plus, this effects remained present the next day too, while being totally sober.

The only negative effect I noticed is a slight touch of anxiety that always knocks on the door when the microdose starts kicking in. I think this will be different with people, but I always tend to feel slightly anxious when all sorts of drugs start to kick in and then relax right around the moment when I realise that I'm not coming up any higher. So personally, I would take my microdose in the morning, then do some breathing or meditation when the stuff kicks in. Then walk out strong, steady and ready.

All in all, I think microdosing LSD can help me with:

1. Productivity (writing this feels awesome!)

2. Anxiety

3. Exercise (When I exercise on this stuff I feel like a savage)

4. Human-interaction ( I feel like I am more considerate and less "snappy")

5. Self esteem (I feel like I am tapping into something very powerful here, but at the same time I realize I have to be gentle with it and not succumb into ways that lead into downspiral.)

So that would be it for now you guys! To all of those who read this far I thank very much, hope you got some valuable information. Also Stay Tuned, cause more trips & drug reports are coming.

Wish you a great rest of the day and leave you with a little thought that can go a long way - "Take the little that you have and try your best to make the most out of it."


*I do not encourage anyone to take LSD or any other drugs. If you do, always stay safe, have someone with you and TEST your substances! Here is a link for a tester -

**For all the grammar maestros out there - I apologize, not a native English speaker, so don't trip.


has anyone tried microdosing with hemp oil?

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Wow, I found all your microdosing reports really informative. nice balance of details included and yet overall concise reporting so I could process it all. I'm glad you mentioned how the microdosing seemed to affect your anxiety and productivity as I struggle with that stuff as well. And no problem with your English...I didn't see any flaws. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. 🙏🏽

Thank you so much !

Really glad you enjoyed the report !

Cya around (and thx for the english recognition heheh)

Hey, I've been experimenting myself with microdosing, but found that after 5-7 hours of excitement I am getting tired and then it feels strange. Like I still have some different mind, but I am exhausted to use it and somehow it wakes the worst habits and addictions in me. Have you ever experienced something like that?

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