What's Cooking in the North

in #health3 years ago

Oils! That's right, essential oils by Young Living at their new Northern Lights Aromatic Farm located in Fort Nelson, BC.

This farm uses state of the art steam boilers to help process the Black Spruce trees that are harvested this time of year. The entire process is very clean and environmentally friendly. Great care is taken to ensure that the oil is made from the best trees, at the right time of year, and at the right temperatures to make the highest quality oil.

Testing is still being done to explore all of the chemical constituents within this oil which could be beneficial for topical treatments,  diffusing, or possibly ingesting. Early analysis shows that properties within our Black Spruce oil could rival the best selling oil Frankincense which typically comes from Oman.

Gary Young hopes to build a small hotel on the property to allow oil enthusiasts to come and stay while participating in the annual harvest, as well as helping with the processing of the trees and creating the oil.

Waste product is piled, right now, outside the facility, but equipment is already in place to turn the waste into pellets to be used for heating the facility and reducing its energy foot print.

Waste water likewise is being planned to be pumped back into a reservoir of sorts to be used in a steam room for a therapeutic experience unlike any other.

To find out more about Young Living Essential Oils or their other products, you may visit them here: 

Young Living

If you wish to sign up and purchase their products, you will need a sponsor their system is a referral system. You are welcome to use my sponsor number 2099377 or find a local sponsor in your area.

If you are already using these oils or specifically if you have tried the Black Spruce oil, let me know in the comments below!


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