The body is ink? Is not cancer?

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What is like a tumor in the body! Painless lamps are spreading the cancer? Do not be afraid of seven-fold. If there is a tumor-like swelling muscle in any part of the body, there is nothing to worry about. Do not neglect either. Do not leave Determine the disease by checking the doctor's advice.
Benign and malignant:
There are two types of tumor. Benign and malignant There are many types of body tissues that are present in the body from birth or from a very young age. There is no reason to fear it. Benign tumor does not have the tendency of cancer. It does not spread on the cells around it or other parts of the body. Benven cancer can also be severe if it is in the vital organs of the body such as blood cells or in the nerves. Sometimes there is no need for treatment of benign tumor again. Malignant tumors can be cured in early stages. In most cases once the tumor is removed, it is less likely to return. Malignant tumors are cancerous. These types of tumors gradually spread to the cells around them and other parts of the body.

How to understand cancer from tumor?
In most cases malignant tumor is cancerous. Malignant tumor cells divide. If you see the increase in the size of the tumor, you should consult the doctor. Although there are injuries to a place, there may be a lot of swelling or cuts from the place. Many types of cancer are felt through the skin. These cancers are mainly found in breast, testicular or testicular, excretory gland and body artifacts. Tumor or any type of swollen muscles may be in the primary or the final phase of cancer. If you see its size increasing, then definitely check with the doctor's advice. Initially, no pain is felt in malignant tumor. As a result, if there is no specific symptoms in the early stages of malignant tumor, then there are signs of weight loss, anemia etc. in a few days. As the shape of the tumor-related tumor increases, the more it pressures around the nerves and muscles. And then only felt pain or pain.

Cancer Symptoms:

  1. Lung cancer: Dry or chronic cough, frequent bleeding with cough, chest pain, weight loss, difficulty breathing etc.
  2. Lymphoma cancer: Increase in lymphatic shape, weakness and weight loss.
  3. Breast cancer: Breast tissue or muscle, nipple emit, blood and nipple size and type change.
  4. Prostate cancer: In general urinary problems, but sometimes no symptoms can be understood. However, acute pain is felt in the spread of cancer.
  5. Bosal cell cancer: A white tumor or brown-colored stain is found in areas where the sun and light are in the same area as mouth and throat.
  6. Melanoma Skin Cancer: Any abnormal increase in any part of the body or the shape of a skull in the body.
  7. Colon cancer: It depends on the location and shape of the cancer. Usually problems in the bowel, bleeding in the blood with the mouth and feeling uncomfortable in the stomach.
  8. Leukemia: The patients with slow progression of these cancers can not be seen any symptoms. Increased fastness, weakness, weight loss, easy bleeding, headache, sweating, frequent wounds in various parts of the body, pain in breathing, red rashes on the skin etc.
  9. There may be more different types of cancer than malignant tumors. But in general, sudden loss of appetite, weight loss, anemia, blood in the mall, etc. can be a sign of cancer. Women are more likely to develop cervical cancer than HPV virus. So, if any such symptoms are physically present, then consult a doctor quickly.

Warning to avoid breast cancer:
Initially, the patient feels a swollen tummy tuck in his breast. Which can cause problems like slowing down, rashes or itching. But seeing the little swelling of the breasts does not cause panic. Because many cases are not likely to be cancer.

When Doctor Show:

  1. If you have a tumor-like swelling in the breast.
  2. If the skin of the skin is red.
  3. If there is a red rash around a nipple or around.
  4. A part of the nipple is heavy.
  5. If one of the nipples is emptying blood.
  6. If the type of nipple type and shape or size of the breast changes.

For prevention of cancer:

  1. Avoid tobacco products.
  1. Keep the healthier living.
  1. Drink Green Tea.
  2. Put onions, garlic in the diet.
  3. Avoid foods that are preserved for a long time.
  4. Do not use plastic utensil.
  5. Take an HPV vaccine at a certain age.
  6. If there is any disadvantage, then every month women should check whether they have breast cancer regularly.

Misconception about cancer:

  1. Cancer does not mean death. If detected initially, then cancer is cured. For this, go to the specialist doctor at the right time to check.
  2. Inheritance of cancer 5%. So it is not necessary to be unnecessarily panic.
  3. The concept of cancer should not be done, it is absolutely wrong. It is not okay to think that biopsy is spreading. Following some rules, it is possible to eliminate cancer in early stages. But in most cases people are getting scared a lot late. As a result, the size of cancer also increased and consequently death came forward.
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