The Secret Reason Why People Eat Animals

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Have you ever stopped to wonder why we eat cow's milk but not horse milk?
Why we eat chicken wings but not swans wings?
Why we eat beef burgers but not mouseburgers?
Why is it that we see dogs and cats as pets, but chickens, pigs and bison as 'food'?
Why do we love one animal, but eat the other?
Why do we love animals with conditions?
Have you ever wondered why you never wondered about these questions???

So many of us say we love animals, yet we eat them.

Let's stop to ask ourselves these questions and maybe the common sense will kick in.

So, What's The Secret Reason Why People Eat Animals?

For two reasons actually:
1.) Brainwash
We have been so conditioned and brainwash to think eating animals is part of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The truth of the matter is, we don't actually need meat to THRIVE. 2% of people in this world have already proven that, and they are VEGANS!

And the second (secret) reason why we eat meat is...

2.) Carnism
While this may be a term you probably never heard about before, carnism is the psychological belief that conditions us to eat certain animals and not the others.

Social Psychologist, Dr. Melanie Joy, PHD, explains the secret reason why people eat meat. Please share this video and post with others!

GO VEGAN and transform your life FOREVER!! 🌿💪🍎🍌
Do it for the animals, environment and for yourself. 🐖🐮🐔🦆

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