How I CURED Skin Cancer – My Story!

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Here in Australia we have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. So with the good old Australian sun and beach lifestyle, you learn young to look after yourself in the sun.

About thirteen years ago at the age of 37 I noticed a pink patch of skin on my shoulder about as big as my thumb nail. It got thin and very tender. When I finally went to the skin doctor he said I had a Basal cell carcinoma or a (BCC) If left untreated they can get serious but are generally treatable. It's rare for a BCC to spread to other parts of the body, but they can grow into nearby areas and get into the bone and tissue under the skin. If not removed completely, BCC’s can emerge in the same place on the skin. So he gave me a local anesthetic and cut it out. I was told to stay out of the sun and if I was outside to wear a hat and use sunscreen, then come back in six months for another checkup. When I asked what causes these, I was told too much sun exposure so cover up! Apparently I’m too young to get BCC’s as they are generally found in the older generations. Even though it didn’t seem to add up for me, and I do surf a lot, I thought the doctor was right and did what he said.

So I go back six months later and there is two BCC’s this time, only smaller, so one he cut out and the other he froze off. Again the doctor didn’t know why this was happening at such a young age so I had to cover up and use sunscreen, especially in the surf. Over the next seven years and two different skin doctors later, this cycle kept repeating itself every 6 months and at last count I had eleven BCC’s cut out or frozen off. The doctors didn’t know why, as I was covering up but they still kept appearing, so I decided to do some research for myself and I found some information on cancer in general and alkalizing the body.

I found that your body’s PH level is around 7.4PH which is slightly alkaline, so if your body is too acidic then it would drop below 7PH and could potentially cause sickness. The best way to fix this is to change your diet and start eating alkaline foods. So that’s what I did, I had to fix what was wrong with my body and see if this was the answer.

Now at 44 years of age and six months of eating alkaline foods I went for my next checkup and the doctor said there was nothing, zero, zilch! No BCC’s at all. I told him what I had done with my diet but he didn’t seem all that interested. He said it’s possible it helped, but come back in six months and we’ll have another look. So I kept doing my alkaline foods and sure enough, six months later, none again! It worked and I couldn’t have been happier. I wasn’t strict with my food choices, just cut back on acidic foods and swapped them for alkaline foods. The chart above shows acidic and alkaline foods that I followed. I found that the sun is not our enemy but our toxic bodies are. This also led me to do sun gazing as well, which I have done a post on this here:

I still have checkups every year just as a precaution but now at 50 years old, I surf regularly and I very rarely use sunscreen, and if I do, it’s an all-natural one. I’m at the beach almost every day and I haven’t had a BCC in six years. I understand that this might not be for everybody, and may sound too simple, but this certainly worked for me.

I would love to hear from anyone who has had similar results or tried other treatments for skin cancer. Please get yearly checkups on your skin. It's the best preventive you can do for yourself.

Notice what you notice and eat well so you can enjoy life!

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Amazing story! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing that. I love posts that focus on natural health solutions. UPVOTED!
I just wrote a post on a free easy option to help with our health problems. Please have a look if you like.


Thank you @kus-knee for the comment and up vote.
I too love to see posts on anything to do with natural health. I see you have a few in your blog. Fantastic!

i used an alkaline diet as part of my program to get rid of lymphoma and prostate cancer. i only used it temporarily, but it worked like a charm.


Really? Thats fantastic news @lifeworship Its great to hear about people getting results from natural sources. Cheers!


this was 2011 with no recurrence. i do wish more people were open to it. i have, since, seen quite a few people die from cancer. i've had these ideas refused even by people who have been through 3 rounds of failed chemo. it is as if people would rather die than have their beliefs challenged. it is encouraging to see posts like yours and know that our numbers are growing and word is getting out. yours is the second post on this subject i've seen in the last week. soon we will be in a position to change some very entrenched ideas in this world. still i am impatient. thanks for the post.


Yes, I totally agree with you. There is so much information on the internet about curing most cancers, yet its still firmly entrenched that you trust the doctor and take the drugs. Things are slowly changing though which is a positive sign of things to come. Thanks for your comments!

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