How To Be Damn Good At Sitting

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Hey YOU! Are you sitting correctly? Ofcourse no!

There is curious thing - when someone tells you, that are you sitting wrong you automatically try to fix that.
We usually don't think about it - it's automated.

Biggest problem is when you're lack of physical activites and you have computer-like work where you sit very long time.

Sitting good help me in what?

  • back pain relief
  • neck pain relief
  • better comfort of after work life
  • better mood
  • better body comfort

How to be good at sitting? Just Stand up!

Stand up so often as you can. Just walk around, stretch your muscles. If you stretch you will feel better.
Ofcourse it will not help you permamently, but its better than doing nothing.

Going to gym is not enough

Going to a gym will be perfect move, but if you have back pains you will have to give up on exercises with weights.
Calisthenics and professional pain relief excercises are needed here. That excercises you can do at home (excercises coming soon)

So how can I sit to not KILL myself?

All is about consistency of checking your posture when sitting. More often is more better. Chek out this infographic and check your posture. Don't kill yourself at age 30+ :)


I like the bluntness follow me! And welcome to steemit cant wait to see more. Enjoy your stay @steemit ...hell yeab nigggaa

sitting on the floor also works

It depends how you sit. If you have wrong posture its also bad.

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