Jackfruit the magical fruit

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Hi everyone,

I think you all have eaten jackfruit at least once. It is one of the most sweetest fruit and the king of fruits. But many of us are not aware of the benefits of jackfruit and the medicines that they provide to us .

It has been given more importance in the earlier times and later on its popularity was decreased somehow. But now this has become the most medicinated fruit in the world.

The priority and importance of jackfruit is well known by south indians and they use it as their medicines.

But many of us are not aware of the magic behind the jackfruit and it's power to stop cancer .


There are a lot of benefits provided by jackfruit and I like to discuss with you some of them.

Prevention of caner

This is one of the main advantage and the most helpful use of jackfruits . In today's world the number of cancer patients are been increasing day to day. There are not much medicines found by the scientists to cure cancer.

Anyway jack fruit does not have the complete power to cure the cancer but it can prevent anyone from getting cancer. This is one of the best medicines that the nature has given to us.

Cancer occurs by free radicals due to oxidative stress and hence it damages the DNA thus causing increase in cell growth.

The jackfruit which contains nutriens nuetralize it and thus helps in DNA to work properly.Thus the body functions can be normal. (Thanks to the nature)

Hair growth

Many of us try some gels and oils by some companies just by seeing their adds.

But try to have some jackfruit. I am not simply saying just to promote it.The reason behind this is jackfruit contains vitamins and nutrients which help in increasing the blood circulation which further results in increased hair growth . (Try some of these before you go for artificial ones).

Improved digestion system

We know that jackfruit is rich in fibres.The fibres rich in jackfruit takes away the waste materials present in our body and thus makes the digestion easier.

The food items sometimes may not able to be digest and some may stick in to the stomach. The fibres thus take away this waste materials and thus makes the stomach make it process easier.

Maintaining blood pressure

It has got potassium which is most good in maintaining the blood pressure.The potassium present in allows good flow of blood and balances it.


Immunity power should be high for every human being.It decides the withstanding power of any human beings. A person with high immunity power will have least chance for getting any diseases.

The vitamin C present in the jackfruit helps in developing the immunity power of body and decrease the chance of weak immune system.

Energy levels

The energy levels provided by jackfruit is high as it provides more carbohydrates and calories.

It contains fructose and sucrose which provide instant energy to a body

Bone health

It contains calcium which strengthens our bone. Calcium is one of the thing which make the bone stronger and healthier.

The potassium which is present in jack fruit decreases the loss of calcium through kidneys and hence they increase the bone density.

Heart diseases

It contains vitamin b6 which reduces homocysteine level and thus preventing the chance of getting heart attacks.

Other advantages include:-

  • Prevents ulcers
    +Regulate blood sugar level
    +Protect against asthma
    +Improved eyesight
    +Good for skin health and ageing

Anyway there are lot of advantages for jackfruit but there are some drawbacks for jack fruit

  • Not good for allergic persons .

  • Person with diabetes should eat less jackfruit just because it has instant increase in energy levels.

Thus there are only few drawbacks for jackfruit but have a wide advantage for our body .

So I hope you are somewhat aware of this uses and can use this as your medicines for common treatment.
Thank you

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