How To Recognize A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens

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  1. Chest pressure
    This is the symptom that most people are familiar with. Most people will feel pressure pushing on their chest. This is a concrete sign that a heart attack is about to occur. A lot of people may ignore this pain, thinking that it is a normal feeling. However, ignoring this sign can cost someone their life. They should receive immediate medical attention if they are experiencing any hard pressure on their upper chest.

  2. Cold Sweats and Dizziness
    When the body does not circulate blood properly, the brain will not receive the proper amount of blood. This is a huge issue and the patient should receive medical attention immediately.

  3. Cold and Flu Symptoms
    After a heart attack, many patients report experiencing cold or flu symptoms leading up to the days prior to the attack. If these symptoms are felt, the patient should seek medical treatment right away.

  4. Weakness
    When the body feels weak, sweaty or nauseous, there may be trouble along the way. Jaw pain is another alarming sign. As the arteries in the body continue to narrow, the blood stops flowing throughout the body properly.

  5. Shortness of Breath
    When the body does not receive sufficient blood, the lungs are also negatively affected. If the lungs do not receive enough blood or oxygen, the body struggles to breathe properly. If the patient experiences any trouble breathing, they should be seen by a doctor right away to be checked out.

  6. Fatigue
    If someone is feeling drowsy and tired most of the time, it could be caused by an improper blood flow to the heart. This could happen as a result of plaque build-up in the arteries. Again, this should be checked out by a medical professional right away.


quite scary.. but thanks for the info. i better be careful and watch my food!

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