Acidity and a simple remedy

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Hello steemians!! Hope everything is fine at your end. I am going to share my personal experience with how I treated myself off acidity with a very simple, but effective way in this article.

Hectic week

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The past week was very hectic at work. As a team, we had to meet certain deadlines and the time was very limited. We were pushing 12 hrs each day and it was becoming very strenuous. In India, we have 2 kinds of stress busters in office environment. First, is smoking. People smoke their lungs out to relieve themselves off stress. I know a few of my colleagues who finish a pack in a day when it gets very stressful. The second being stimulant beverages. Now don't start getting ideas, I meant Tea and Coffee. Usually both of these go hand-in-hand. I still don't understand why smokers feel the need to drink an additional stimulant in liquid form when they are already stuffing so much caffeine through cigarettes.

Stomach damaged

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Since I am a non-smoker, I tend to have a lot of tea when I am stressed out. We did meet our deadline on time, but the overdose of Tea the whole week had increased the acidity levels and my stomach was out of order.

I was suffering with Mouth Ulcers or Canker sore. I started googling about Mouth Ulcers and found that it can be caused due to a variety of reasons. I will just list them below for your benefit.

  1. Minor mouth injury or accidental bite
  2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate allergy (toothpastes and mouth rinses contain them)
  3. Sensitivity to acidic foods like Citrus fruits and other trigger foods like chocolate, tea and coffee
  4. Lack of essential vitamins like B-12, zinc, folate, and iron
  5. Mouth Bacterial allergic response
  6. Dental Braces
  7. Hormonal changes during menstruation
  8. Emotional stress or lack of sleep
  9. Bacterial, viral, or fungal infections

I was indeed under emotional stress and lack of sleep. I was also consuming 4-5 cups of Tea that whole week. I also started looking out for remedies and almost all the results I got were non satisfactory. I did not want to pop pills this time and wanted to manage a cure naturally.

Mind reader mom!

My mother can sense my every move. She saw me struggling with pain and sores and also that I was constantly googling to find a solution. Not disclosing that she had observed all this, she suggested that I go to the local market with my dad and get some pomegranates. I did as instructed and we bought Pomegranates along with Bananas and Mangoes. My mom told me to avoid mangoes till I got rid of the mouth sore. Mangoes produce heat in our body and it increases acidity for healthy digestion. It seems it is advisable to avoid them when you have acidity.

Pomegranate Peels

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Pomegranate is one of my favourite fruits as it is a blood purifier and its seeds are highly medicinal. I have always thrown away the peels after finishing the fruit. This time around, I have started collecting vegetable and fruit peels for composting. When I was about to throw the peels into the compost pot, my mom told me to add the pomegranate peels into a bowl with drinking water and let is stay for 8 hrs. I added about 3 glasses of water to it and resumed my daily activities. In the evening after I was back from office, my mom told me to filter out the water and drink a glass from it. It was bitter, so I added a spoon of honey and drank it. I did that before breakfast the next morning and I noticed that my mouth ulcer had healed 80%. Little did I not know that pomegranate peels had such medicinal properties.


From this incidence, I learnt something new about pomegranates and their healing properties. It is best to heal ourselves by natural means rather than popping in pills for every small health issue. I hope this article was useful to you and helped you learn something new. If you liked this post please share your comments about it. Also if you feel your friends would benefit from reading this post, please feel free to resteem this post.

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Thats great info. thanks. My husband had mouth ulcers and it was caused due to toothpaste- colgate and now we switched to herbal - namboodiris and it has not occurred again

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Oh wow this is quite interesting. I never knew that pomegranate peals were capable of healing mouth ulcers. I will also try it next time.

Glad reading through, learn a new few things. keep up with the good work in the community

I learnt alot here, keep it up...hardly a person will come this way and leave without knowledge.

Nice post... Even sabja used in falooda ice-cream is good for mouth ulcers n acidity..

Thanks @geetasnani... I learnt something new...

Will try it next time anything happens after a heavy meal.

Do let me know if it works for you...

Definitely very useful advice, I'll give it to my friends.

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