How to get rid of malodorous breath associated with garlic consumption?

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Well, well well.... Aside from the obvious, brushing your teeth probably more than once, i don't know any other way, however, i have got a suggestion on how to avoid the malodorous breath with garlic consumption to start with.

Its a valuable trick i learnt from my bestie about a a year ago. 

Before you use the garlic in whatever dish you want them in, toast them int he oven for a while until they are golden brown. This not only reduces the strong smell. it also caramelizes the garlic and makes the garlic cloves sweet.  After this procedure, you can literally toast the garlic cloves right in your dish, without grating or smashing them whatsoever (if you wish). you can also  in as much quantity as you want, and if you choose to still smash the garlic then the process will be made easier after this as they are softened already so they will easily turn into a paste soon as you smash them My friends goes hard and puts a whole bunch of garlic in one dish. i feel this process also changes the taste of the garlic in the food and also reduces the strong garlic smell that comes through from the food. 

so this may not help in entirely eliminating the odor, but it will at least  reduce the smell of the garlic and possibly make you enjoy using garlic a little bit more. 

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