Corona Virus Scare

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It has been a while since I posted and I made a post the other day. But now I am trying to get back and do more . It has been a hectic couple of months.

Got sick in Nov 2019 and still healing because I did not get admitted but opted for home car only. too expensive for hospital. And there would be no one to be with me because they have to be here with my mom.

Then in Jan 2020 we had our reunion from college. Our 40th from nursing. It was a week long affair with so much fun and actvities. A lot of my classmates from the US, UK and Saudi came home to attend. We may be mostl in ur 60's but we felt young again.

Now there is this corona virus scare. The different names : Corona VIrus, Ncov, now Covid-19. We really do not know the cause or how true some reports are. So we can only try to protect ourselves. One classmate in the US said their ID (Infectious Disease) doctor said that prevention is better than cure. And I agree. He also suggested these vitamins to take. Vitamin C 1000mg, Vit D3 2000iu and Echinacea 400mg which is used for Immune System Health. they all are anti-oxidens and for the immune system.

My daughter sent me these for me and her grandmother. She also sent some for the helpers in the house. Also for her in-laws in anither town.

Then other suggestions:

  1. to wash hands properly use alcohol if needed
  2. make sure food are properly cooked and fresh
  3. get enough sleep
  4. less stress
  5. use face mask if you are coughing and sneezing
  6. and stay away from crowded places


These are the regular surgical masks. My daughter gave me the yellow ones, I bought the black and my brother gave me 2 of the blue but one I gave to the helpers too. This seems a lot because I do not go out. As long as we have a good supply. My daughter ordered from a friend here 3 boxes one for me, one for the helpers and one for her in-laws.

They have become scarced and people are selling them at a very high price. these used to be 5 pesos each. The black I got for 250 pesos per box. Now the ones my daughtered ordered are 350per box making them 7 pesos each. some are selling them for 10 pesos each or 500 pesos per box. Since people are scared they buy.


These are the N95 ones which are really more expensive. I heard they were 10-20 pesos before now it is being sold at 50-100 pesos each. They are the most recommended. I am glad my brother brought me some when he came home this week.

So with these vitamins and the masks and a good supply of rubbing alcohol I think we are safe here. I make sure the kids going to school have masks and trhey are taking the vit C and the Echinacea. Especially since my daughter is coming home next week. She just wants to be sure we are all safe because she has a young son.

So it is not advisable to panic just keep calm and try to follow the simple rules for prevention.

Pictures are mine


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