Ever heard of bio-hacking?

in #health2 years ago

Neither had I... until today.

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I read a post on continuous glucose monitoring that a non-diabetic was doing, just to understand his body better. It required the insertion of a sensor under the skin, and it sends continuous glucose measurements to a mobile app. Here's an example of one that costs about $5,000. Whilst it sounds quite an interesting experiment to me, without a real need to do it I won't be wearing one myself! But I'm interested in the data and interpretation of it that others create.

Sorry, I got distracted - back to bio-hacking. So my first interpretation of bio-hacking was that it was self-experimentation (no, not that kind...) with tech designed to record physiology.

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But then there was this definition:

The main thing that separates a biohacker from the rest of the self-improvement world is a systems-thinking approach to our own biology.

Wikipedia defines biohacking as do-it-yourself biology, bio-hacking (people who try to improve their own bodies with do-it-yourself cybernetic devices) and nutrigenomics (using nutrition to hack (take control of) human biology). From what I've read so far, the bio-hacking movement seems closely linked to the keto & paleo nutrition movements.

Now I had never heard of any of these words before today... but I'm intrigued to say the least.

After my first step into learning about this new world, it seems as though the bio-hacking movement is an evidence-based self-help movement integrating the best bits of nutrition, spiritual practice, exercise and nature therapy. I will spend some more time checking it out. I'm sure I'll have another post when I understand this world a little better.

Have any Steemians looked into bio-hacking?


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