In the morning, leaving all the laziness is a very easy process to start your work on time.

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Sleep breaks in the morning Many people do not want to get out of bed. One kind of laziness to keep the body in bed. The victims of this condition, as well as the students, as well as the elderly. In the morning, leaving all the laziness is a very easy process to start your work on time.


Applying this process to yourself can lie on the bed. After you wake up at the time you want to leave the bed. close your mouth Take a long breath off your nose. Hold your nose down with the throat and index finger as well as breathing in the chest Now holding down the nose you will not be able to breathe. As a result, in a few moments, the breath will stop. And then your brain will send signals all over the body. Every nerves and muscles in the body will be awake and active at the moment When you see that it is not possible to stop swelling, leave the nose. Normal breathing will start. nd you'll see sleep and laziness escaped. After applying this technique for 2/3 days, you will see that the technique is not applicable every day After sleeping, remembering the technique, there is no sleep and laziness. And after you wake up, you can leave the bed on time and do the work day by day *

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Very educative

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